S/mileage – “Smile Factory” DVD Cover Released

25 07 2011

The DVD cover for S/mileage’s TV show Smile Factory has been released.

The cover is very attractive and colorful since it seems to be based mostly on the member’s respective colors: we get to see pictures of the 4 members in different shaped hearts, circles and starts, and each shaped frame is colored by the member that’s appearing inside’s color (i.e: the blue heart on the top has a picture of Dawa, etc…), and the nice thing is that the pictures used are light and spontaneous which only adds to the cuteness of the cover.

They also did a fun thing to the title which is making each letter colored from pink, purple, blue and green following also the member’s colors, and it’s nice to see that they added the “/” in S/mile Factory since it’s really a S/mileage sign that distinguish them from the others, and it’s a very nice addition.

The background is a simple pink colored background with some white thunder bolts coming towards a giant white TV in the center of the cover where there is a picture of S/mileage in white and black dotted outfits, and I have to say that I really like this idea since the picture is the main concern of the cover and they matched the TV show idea with the TV on the cover featuring S/mileage.

Overall, I really like this cover since it’s colorful and fun and suits S/mileage’s image, and even though the Smile Factory logo on the top right and the small images distract a little from the main picture, it’s still a nice addition for fans who want to enjoy seeing S/mileage in their own TV show.

The release date is set for 9/21.

Rakuten.co page about product




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