Sayashi Riho’s 1st PB Titled “Sayashi Riho”

25 07 2011

The title for Sayashi Riho’s 1st PB has been revealed to be Sayashi Riho.

For this release there will also be a limited edition Wanibooks cover.

I’m not that surprised to see that her 1st PB doesn’t have a title with a nickname or another cute reference to her personality since most of the 1st releases for idols usually are self-titled, but it’s great to see that they did write it as Hiragana (さやしりほ) since it gives it a bit of a more unique and cute look.

Apart from the title we also get to see another preview for her PB with her smiling at the camera while wearing a cute blue outfit in front of a plant background, and while it’s not the cover I am glad to see that so far this PB seems to have more of a casual look with the focus being on themes that show of her cuteness, such as her smiling at the camera while riding a bike or this picture above (which seems to be the same that was featured on the UTB previews a few days ago) since it’s the perfect theme for her 1st PB.

We should see a cover sometime soon since the title and a few previews have already been released on UTB, although for now the title of the PB might be a bit too simple, but I hope that the picture they use for the cover along with the word art are a bit more unique.

The release date is set for 8/27.

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25 07 2011
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