Nakajima Saki – “W Saki” Making Of DVD Announced

25 07 2011

A making of DVD for Nakajima Saki’s 2nd PB titled W Saki has been announced.

I have to say that I was surprised when I saw this announcement since Nakky’s first solo release was set to be only a PB with no DVD release, so most fans though that this second release would be the same, but it’s pretty impressive to see that they managed to make a making of DVD available since this probably means that the PB sold well.

Solo DVDs that come along PBs usually feature the making of of the PB release, so this isn’t a big change, but it will most probably include less content and bonuses, althoug we might be surprised and figure out it’ll contain some interesting things later on, but for now, it’s still great news for all Nakky fans who would like to support her and reserve a copy since this PB is one of the best any H!P member has released lately judging from the previews we got a while back.

Overall, I’m really happy about this announcement since Nakky definitely deserves it and this will please all of her fans so hopefully everyone can pre-order a copy!

The pre-order date is from 7/25 until 8/13.

e-Lineup page about product




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25 07 2011
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