Riho Sayashi 1st Photobook Previews

24 07 2011

Previews for Sayashi Riho’s photobook have been released.

Previously when the photobook was announced it was currently untitled. It’s not confirmed yet but I believe the photobook is being titled “Riho Sayashi”. The top photo could also be the PB’s cover but that hasn’t been confirmed yet either so we’ll just have to wait and see.

The previews show a lot of different shots and that’s probably what we can expect from her photobook. There are pictures of her in another town trying some food, posing in front of a tv/radio tower and then using a bike. So it’s almost like “travel with Sayashi Riho”, which is a fun concept.

Overall the previews look really good and I’m looking forward to the actual PB, hopefully everyone can reserve a copy and support Riho with her 1st photobook.

The photobook is set to release in 8/31.



9 responses

24 07 2011

wow! this should be awesome ^o^)/
are the preview (all of them) from UTB+ vol. 3 ?

24 07 2011

Actually, correct me if I’m wrong, but the picture with her name on the side is a card that you can get with the UTB mag because I’ve seen a lot of other UTB cards with the same style and position of text. But hey, it could be named Riho Sayashi! And she looks so pretty in the previews!

24 07 2011

1st PBs usually have the name of the idol, so it could be titled “Sayashi Riho”, “Sayashi” or probably “Riho”, but the first image is most likely not the cover ^_^
The image could be the one they will use for the cover, but the font and words will probably be a bit different since, as you mentioned, the layout was used for UTB and not the PB.

24 07 2011

That looks more like a photoshoot/magazine article from UTB. Usually with the photobooks, the covers are released first. Overall, that first image actually looks like one of the cards you get with a UTB mag like Mei.ka has already stated.

24 07 2011

The images are from the UTB magazine, but the article states that it’s for her 1st pb (the page where Riho is holding the umbrella says “Sayashi Riho 1st Solo PB” or in Japanese Sayashi Riho 1st Solo Shashinshuu) so the images are most likely previews instead of a separate photoshoot ^_^

Covers are usually released first but there are times when small previews appear beforehand since a magazine is usually the best way to promote them and waiting until the cover is released is usually late. The first image is most likely not the cover, but we will have to wait and find out since it could be that image, but with different font or art ^_^

24 07 2011

… kawaii. :3

25 07 2011

Does anyone think she will get the double eyelid surgery?

26 07 2011

what happen to yashii chan because it said on ai chan blog that she recovering from her ingury

26 07 2011

She’s most likely fine since it wasn’t anything major like Aika ^_^
From what I found it was only a minor sprain (they dance for about 4 hours a day when there are concerts so it’s normal), so it most likely took only a few weeks to heal, and since she rested well since her accident she’s most likely already fine ^o^

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