H!P X BLT Shirt Collaboration Designs Revealed

24 07 2011

Morning Musume

The shirt designs for Hello! Project and BLT magazine’s cooperation release have been revealed.

Also, in a slightly related note the official H!P shop will also be selling tapestries of each member wearing a Yukata (thanks to shinpaul for the info!).

Another H!P and BLT collaboration means shirts designed by each member, and it’s great to see that there are so many cryptic codes used for the numbers of each member along with a unique hand-drawn design since it gives fans a chance to support their favorite member.

The reason why I refer to the numbers as being cryptic is mainly because the significance behind every number is usually their birth date, their name, a reference to their age, or another slightly more hidden meaning, which is interesting since fans have a fun time figuring out each number, and while a confirmed list hasn’t been released and we aren’t sure what the meaning is behind each, a list was done by Starra (mainly) and Erilaz (Momo, Chii, and Maasa) @ JPLOP which has explanations for most of the numbers:

Takahashi Ai: 15 = Ichi-go = strawberry.
Niigaki Risa: 8 = 88 = her birth year (1988).
Michishige Sayumi: 255 = ??
Tanaka Reina: 1 = number 1 (?).
Fukumura Mizuki: 10 = birth month (October).
Ikuta Erina: 777 = her birthday (July 7th).
Sayashi Riho: 384 = sa-ya-shi.
Suzuki Kanon: 985 = her birthday, 5/8/98.
Mitsui Aika : 08 = 8th gen.

Shimizu Saki: 432 = shi-mi-zu.
Tsugunaga Momoko: 29 = her birth year (1992) + her birth month and birth day added (March 6th). /  The first two syllables of Tsugunaga: tsu=two, ku=9
Tokunaga Chinami: 109 = too=10, ku=9 (for Tokunaga)
Sudou Maasa: 03 = her birth month (March). / ma(ru)=0, sa(n)=3
Natsuyaki Miyabi: 38 = mi-ya.
Kumai Yurina: 901 = ku-ma-i
Sugaya Risako: 07 = ???. (might be a reference to her being the seventh member of Berryz or the total members of Berryz)

Yajima Maimi: 910 = kyuu-to.
Nakajima Saki: 100 = ???.
Suzuki Airi: 412 = her birthday (4/12).
Okai Chisato: 910 = kyuu-to.
Hagiwara Mai: 002 = her birth month (February).

Mano Erina: 20 = her age.

Wada Ayaka: 998 = ???.
Maeda Yuuka: 128 = her birthday (December 8th).
Fukuda Kanon: 312 = her birthday (March 12th).
Ogawa Saki: 930 = ???.

Talking about every single shirt would take a lot of time, but briefly I’m happy to see that each member of Momusu have used a unique line for their shirt for example Ai’s I am Ai. (the title of her blog), Gaki’s AHAHAHAHA, Sayu’s THE! PIZZZA (most likely a reference to THE! Peace), as well as the Mizuki and Ikuta’s PONPON (Eripon+Mizupon=PonPon) which all have unique and fun names.

Berryz Koubou

For Berryz Koubou the words underneath the H!P and BLT bar aren’t that hard to decipher since they are basically just their names, but the designs on the back were pretty cute, like Chii’s sunflowers, Miyabi’s fluffy dog with the word “Peace” underneath it, Kumai’s bear, as well as Risako’s slightly empty and simple “Love…” which is pretty unique since most of the members seem to have taken quite a lot of time with their drawings (Risako might have wanted to leave early).


For C-ute it’s slightly similar to Berryz since there aren’t that many out of the ordinary words but Maimi’s AMEONNA (or “rain girl”) is pretty cute, and from the designs on the back I was impressed since Maimi’s bug catcher girl (I think that’s what it is), Maimai’s spiky haired boy and girl and bow, as well as Airi’s design she has used in many other H!P pictures are all unique.


S/mileage features half of the members with out of the ordinary names, mainly Kanon with her NYONSAMA and Saki’s BEARSAKI, along with some pretty cool designs in the back, like Ayaka’s cat with a headband, Yuuka’s kid saying hi to the sun, Kanon’s “Idol Revolution!!!”, or Saki’s bear with a square mouth.

Mano Erina

Mano’s design is a bit more mature compared to others which might be due to her character since it doesn’t feature any overly cute names, on the front we see ERINA.M and on the back is her name in Hiragana with the MANO ERI in between hearts and the NAA! under what appears to be a roof (or she probably couldn’t fit it in and added that spelling correction), which is still cute in a Mano way, meaning that’s it’s really cute.

Overall the designs are very unique for each member since there isn’t that much of a similarity. Every single member has a different number (except Chisa and Maimi) along with a unique drawing in the back and their name on a shirt with their member color, which will give fans a good reason to buy them since they are all perfect for every member.

Hopefully those who can get a shirt do so since they will probably be only for sale on the BLT site (Hello! Store USA might have them although I’m not sure if there is an exclusive contract between H!P and BLT), so I encourage those who can to reserve shirts for their favorite members to do so since a hand drawn design and a shirt with many references to the member are the best way for fans to show off their support for their favorite member.

The shirts are on sale starting 7/25.

BLT Main Page For Shirts

BLT Page For Shirts – Morning Musume

BLT Page For Shirts – Berryz Koubou

BLT Page For Shirts – C-ute

BLT Page For Shirts – Mano Erina

BLT Page For Shirts – S/mileage

Official H!P Shop Site




8 responses

24 07 2011

Fuku-chan’s drawing! <3 And she uses Mizukingdom again!

24 07 2011

Fuku’s drawings are the best!!

and Sayu's so cuuute!! So is Miya's xD hahaha Peace-chan! <3

24 07 2011

Sayumi’s THE!PIZZZA is the best! :-D
But Risako… What is she doing? She’s losing popularity there days so I expected her to do something really funny or cute. This is dissapointing. Like she didn’t even bother to try…

25 07 2011

I pre-ordered Erina Mano’s shirt through a deputy service! Expensive, but it will be worth it to be one of her U.S. fans showing support!

26 07 2011

My brother is in Japan right now and I was wondering if these shirts will be at the hello!Pro stores? I don’t want to tell him just to go check it out since the nearest ones are about an hour away from him :(

27 07 2011

I’m not 100% sure, but from what I can tell they seem to be taking orders and sending them by mail instead of selling them in stores -_-
If possible you could try to order from the BLT site although they would only send in the Japan area (you could use a proxy buyer, a service where you pay someone a fee to order items only available in Japan and ship them to you, but the cost is usually really high).

27 07 2011

Thank you very much! Your answer has saved us quite a bit of trouble (though it’s too bad they’re not in the stores)

30 07 2011


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