Hello! Project Eggs Official Twitter Account Opened

24 07 2011

Hello! Project Eggs have had their official Twitter account opened.

The first tweet was byTaguchi Natsumi:


I have to say that I’m really happy about this news since this is so far the only social networking service that the Eggs have,and using this twitter account, it will give the chance for the young Eggs to express themselves in various ways, post their pictures of events or of themselves just like in blogs and get connected to their fans in one way or another.

I was surprised to see that the first Tweet was made by Taguchi Natsumi since she is one of the most recent Eggs added, and the most surprising was that she mentionned being the new commerciam girl of the Pizza-La CM that many might remember since Buono! did one a few years back, and I’m really happy for her since she seems to be gaining more attention thanks to her natural charm.

So far there is only 2 Tweets overall but hopefully their page will become active and each Egg will be able to tweet about their daily lives.

Please subscribe to them to show them your support!

H!P Egg Official Twitter




2 responses

24 07 2011

FI – NA – LLY! :)

24 07 2011

finally they have XD

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