Berryz Koubou – “Aa, Yoru ga Akeru!” PV Preview Released

24 07 2011

A PV preview for Berryz Koubou’s 27th single titled Aa, Yoru ga Akeru! has been released.

The preview is only during the first 16 seconds of the video, the rest being preview for C-ute’s Momoiro Sparkling and S/mileage’s Uchouten LOVE.

I have to say that I’m pretty impressed by the preview we got even if it’s only of one scene since it starts off with the girls singing the chorus of the song in their pink cover outfits while sitting on stairs (standong for Captain), and I can’t but remember VERY BEAUTY from the stairs scene since it’s pretty much similar except that in this song, they are inside what seems to be a dark castle instead of being outside, but I think it’s better since the title of the song has a more dark theme than VERY BEAUTY had.

After that scene we only get to see what seems to be a glimpse of Risako’s close-up, and even though the pictures of the animators/hosts are covering most of the screen, I can pretty much tell that it’s a very close close-up and not a regular one where the girls are facing the camera, since Risako seems to lift her head towards the camera which is situated in a different angle, so hopefully all of the girl’s close-ups have different angles since it adds to the beauty of the PV.

Overall, the preview is really short and the pictures of the hosts and some text cover it up most of the time but even though we only got to see one scene, I really hope that we get a longer preview soon before the full PV is released since it seems like a promising release.

Hopefully everyone can look closely at this preview until a longer and clearer one comes out since it does the job of setting us in the general theme of the PV which I really like (almost seems like the girls are princesses in pink dresses in a dark castle).

The release date is set for 8/10.

Video uploaded by: hung4610

EDIT: Here is the Berryz preview cut from the video and another similar alternative video in case one of them gets taken down:


Videos uploaded by: neonero7891




2 responses

24 07 2011

The girls look lovely :)

25 07 2011

They look so beautiful, but they are just sitting there..


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