Morning Musume Concert Tour 2011 Spring PB Cover Released

23 07 2011

The cover for the PB release of Morning Musume’s Concert Tour 2011 Spring New Genesis Fantasy DX ~Welcome 9th Generation Members~ has been released.

Along with the cover, BLT announced that on the day of the release there will be a handshake event featuring Takahashi Ai, Fukumura Mizuki and Ikuta Erina:

For the most part I love how the cover looks since we get to see all of the members singing as a group, with Reina on the far left, the 9th gen on the step, as well as Sayu (who had a minor sprain at the time, that’s why she has different socks), Mitsui (sitting on a chair), Gaki and Ai all singing or pointing their mics at the audience to sing along with them, and while most of the bottom of the cover is taken up by a giant notice with the content of the PB it seems like the perfect release to enjoy the concert in detail.

The title of the PB is in the same color as the outfits for their new single and even though the black bar at the top is a bit distracting I would say that this PB looks perfect so far, and since it will include many pictures it’s a must have for anyone who bought the DVD.

Along with the cover I’m also glad to see that there will be a handshake event for two reasons: it’s great promotion for the single, and we get to see the individual pictures for Erina, Ai, and Mizuki, and they all look amazing. Erina seems to be getting used to the camera more and more so I’m glad to see that her poses are a bit more natural since she look really cute.

Mizuki looks gorgeous as well, almost like a princess with a slight egypt themed outfit in gold, and with Ai in a bit more of a revealing outfit complete with what appears to be a tiara I have to admit that I’m looking even more forward to this release, but for now I’m glad that they will be at the handshake event since it will give fans a chance to meet them and show them their support while getting a copy of the concert PB.

Hopefully everyone has their copy reserved, but for now I look forward to finding out more about the pictures of the PB as well as how many fans attended the handshake event the day of the PB release.

The release date is set for 8/9.

BLT Site For PB

BLT Site For Handshake Event Details




5 responses

23 07 2011

I love the cover!! Also, I’m so glad that UFA’s finally promoting the other 9th gen members! Giving them an event with Ai will only draw more people and get them both larger fan bases! I’m so glad it’s Fuku-chan and Erina! I’m really excited about this! Also, I love their outfits! I can’t wait to see everyone elses’!! <3

23 07 2011

The cover is beautiful. All the members crowding around the injured ones, probably singing Namidacchi. True solidarity.

Will pick this up as soon as I am able!

23 07 2011

Aww the cover is so amazing <3
They really show up as a whole group ^^

And I'm so happy to see that they paired Mizuki and Ikutan with Ai-chan for this release since as far as I know, they are the less popular members within 9th generation so this exposure will definitely be good for them! <3

23 07 2011

Thank god they are promoting the other 9th gen members!!

23 07 2011

That’s what I thought, too :).

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