H!P X BLT Collaboration Book “HaroPro Maruwakari BOOK vol.4” Announced

23 07 2011

Hello! Project and BLT magazine will once again collaborate to release 26 member designed summer shirts along with a book titled HaroPro Maruwakari BOOK vol.4.

Collaborations between H!P and the BLT magazine are already pretty familiar for fans since they have been done for a while, most recently in February of this year, so it’s not that surprising to see yet another collaboration between them being announced since it’s a great way to promote the members.

The last release didn’t feature the 9th generation for obvious reasons but now we will get a chance to see the members in Yukatas (if these are the outfits they will be wearing in the book), and I am impressed since all of the members look amazing, and with the members lined up according to seniority it is a great way to show off all of the members since Mitsui and the 9th gen all appear clearly (with a great expression from Ikuta).

For now fans who have previous BLT releases already know what’s in store for this release, but I look forward to finding out how the shirts will look since the designs will be done by each member (if I remember correctly).

I’ll update when more info, such as pictures about the shirt designs or the cover of the book (most likely mook) is released.

A release date hasn’t been announced, but we should find out soon enough when the page for this release is open.




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23 07 2011
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24 07 2011

Here are the TShirt Designs http://net.blt.tv/goods/hp_tshirts_04/index.html THanks to BryxW of H!O. Both the TShirts and the Magazine will start selling on 07/25/11. By the way, H!P Shop http://www.helloshop.jp/item/itemlist/?ct_seq=15&it_seq=18115&itp_seq=2404 will also be selling a tapestry with the image of a member wearing the yukata from this collaboration.

24 07 2011

Thank you for the info, I’ll do a post about the shirts as soon as possible (within an hour or so) ^_^

24 07 2011

Also 9th Gen did show up on the previous H!PxBLT collaboration although they are not wearing the outfit from that collaboration and they are not in the front cover.

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