Kikkawa Yuu – “YOU” Limited Edition Wanibooks Cover Released

22 07 2011

The limited edition Wanibooks cover for Kikkawa Yuu’s 1st PB titled YOU has been released.

Wanibooks covers are usually the perfect alternate covers for a PB since we get to see a different scene of the PB, and while it might only be limited to those who order it from the Wanibooks site it’s definitely worth a look for anyone who wants to own a special limited edition of Kikka’s first PB.

For this release the Wani cover features Kikka in a blue bikini with orange spots at a beach, and while I’m usually not a fan of bikini covers I have to admit that this is a pretty impressive cover for fans since we get to see Kikka in a great outfit while smiling at the camera, and with the pink inner tube on the left top corner along with the boat and the ocean in the background it seems to add a bit more of a summer feeling.

Kikka looks amazing and since she is in the main center of the PB it really makes her stand out (the bikini helps too), and while the title might be the same as the normal cover it does give Kikka a chance to stand out more since her name and the title of the PB are somewhat small compared to other releases.

Despite that I really liked this cover since we get to see Kikka smiling in a great summer bikini at the beach, and while it might seem a bit too much like a normal PB picture it’s still an amazing limited edition cover and well worth buying for any Kikka fan who can.

Hopefully more previews are released before the release date since the covers so far have been amazing.

The release date is set for 8/17.

Wanibooks Site For Kikka’s 1st PB




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22 07 2011

kikka is so pretty :o !!!

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