Dream Morning Musume Invited To Perform At FNS “Uta no Summer Matsuri 2011”

22 07 2011

Dream Morning Musume are among the list of those invited to perform at FNS Uta no Summer Matsuri 2011.

Other artists scheduled for that event are Kara, AKB48, SPEED, SMAP, and miya, as well as many others for a total of 50 artists/groups.

Dream Morning Musume has had quite a lot of promotion lately (for example they will be at the 43rd Omoide no Melody event on 8/13 as well), and I’m glad to see that they have another performance planned since it gives fans a chance to enjoy another performance of this talented group, and with a large group of other equally talented groups this seems like a very interesting event for fans to attend.

Most fans might be wondering why Morning Musume aren’t scheduled to perform and Dream Morning Musume is and there’s a simple answer for that: Momusu have two concert performances that day for H!P’s summer tour, which makes some sense since performing at this event wouldn’t leave them time to prepare and attend their concert (although there might be other reasons).

Despite that I hope fans attend the event to enjoy performances by Dream Morning Musume, although it seems that there are quite a lot of other groups appearing and they might only perform once.

Hopefully fans can go to support Dream Morning Musume.

The FNS Uta no Summer Matsuri event will be on 8/6.

FNS Uta no Summer Matsuri 2011 Site




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