H!P 2011 Summer Concert Voting Round 4

21 07 2011

The 4th round of member voting for H!P 2011 summer concert tour titled Hello!Project 2011 Summer ~Nippon no Mirai wa WOW WOW Live~ and Hello!Project 2011 Summer ~Nippon no Mirai wa YEAH YEAH Live~ has been opened.

Even though the concert tour already started a couple of days ago, the voting process seems to be continuing which is kind of surprising judging from the already many different setlists and additions the performed concerts had, but it’s still an amazing chance for more variety in the upcoming concerts.

The questions are as following and as usual you have to provide the member’s name as well as a reason for your choice, and as we got to see before, it seems that members who got the most votes for each question will be ranked in a 1,2 and 3rd place ranking.

Thanks to Sohee @ JPLOP, here are the translated questions:

-Who seems like they would be able to act well that they get brain freeze when eating shaved ice?
-Who seems like working as an elevator girl in a department store would suit them?
-Who seems like they would walk the catwalk on a fashion show nicely?
-Who seems like they’re bad with tongue twisters?
-Who seems like could be a good teacher for kindergarten?
-Who seems like they’d be good at acting as a guy?
-Who seems like they’d be good at acting as an old lady?
-Who seems like working in a clothes store would suit them?
-Who seems like they could be the most lazy?
-Who seems like they’d greet the staff one by one the most nicely?

As always, the questions are really funny and each fan has his own opinion about which member could fit in which category, so hopefully everyone who already voted can continue voting for their favorites and I highly encourage everyone who can to do so since it seems that this concert will be a very unique one thanks to this process.

The 4th voting process ends on 8/1.

H!P official page about 4th voting process




6 responses

21 07 2011

Can I write there name in romaji? And what does the first and second blank mean? And is number 1 and 2 are the rank?

21 07 2011

Everything you write must be in correct Japanese using their names in Kanji.
The 1 and 2 blanks are each one for one member since in 1 question, you should provide the 2 members that you think are mostly correspondant to the question with a reason.

The ranks are done afterwards by H!P sjudging from fan’s votes so you don’t need to worry about that

22 07 2011

Thanks, and how can I write the reason in Japanese? :(

22 07 2011

Unfortunately, the reason also should be written in correct Japanese so this is only possible if you have enough knowledge of the language or if you can find someone who knows Japanese and can do it for you …
It’s really a pain to provide reasons since I always want to send my votes in but I can’t manage to do a proper sentence as the raison… :/

22 07 2011

Oh thanks ;) So lucky, I got a friend who is studying in Japan so he knows a lot :D

22 07 2011

Ah awesome!!
I hope he can help you so you can sumbit your answers ^^

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