Goto Maki – “What is LOVE” and “SCANDALOUS” Previews Released

20 07 2011

Previews for Goto Maki’s digital single titled What is LOVE / SCANDALOUS have been released.

A few weeks ago we found out that Goto would take a break from her career and while it was a sad announcement for many fans she did announce that she would release a single, an album, and perform a concert, and today it seems that details about all of these releases have become available for fans to see, among them a preview of her new single which seems to be available only through the internet (I can’t find it in any stores so it’s most likely a digital release).

Thankfully Avex uploaded some previews of her new songs and I’m pretty impressed with both since they have contrasting sounds that everyone will love. What is LOVE has a very powerful and catchy sound that is somewhat hard to describe, but it’s full of bass and many great vocals that R&B fans will enjoy while SCANDALOUS has a lighter and more ballad oriented R&B sound with the same feeling in the vocals.

I’m usually not a fan of R&B but Goto has done a pretty good job with her releases lately and I’m glad to see that these songs have such a powerful sound since they seem to show off her talent quite well since the vocals are heard clearly in both songs, and with a bass filled song and a clearer ballad it seems that the songs did a perfect job of appealing to everyone.

I recommend everyone check out the preview as soon as possible since they are both great songs and since the music is set to a montage of Goto singing in the studio, dancing, and just listening to music it makes the songs a bit more meaningful since we get to see all of the effort that went into them.

Hopefully everyone who can will buy the songs since it’s the perfect release for Goto fans.

The songs are available now.

Video uploaded by: avexnetwork

Goto Maki Official Site




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20 07 2011
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