Details For Goto Maki’s 1st Album and Concert Released

20 07 2011

The title for Goto Maki’s 1st full album, and final release before her hiatus, is titled Ai Kotoba (VOICE).

There will be three versions: the first featuring 2CDs+2DVDs, the second featuring a CD+DVD, and the third featuring only a CD. They will feature tracks from her mini-albums, as well as a ballad titled Hanauta – hanauta-, and more for a total of 15 tracks (according to CDJapan).

The two disc and four disc editions both feature a DVD with the PV for Queen Bee with BIGGA RAIJI, but the four disc edition also contains 15 postcards featuring photos of Maki Goto shot in Kabukicho. The bonus CD for the four disc edition will be titled Collabo-Works Disc with 11 tracks selected from her collaboration works and the bonus DVD will be titled Making Movie Disc with making-of footage of her works such as photo shootings, music videos, and more.

The title for her final concert before her hiatus will be G-Emotion FINAL.

Along with the digital releases released today we got quite a lot of details about her first full album with avex, and it seems that there will be quite a lot of content for fans to enjoy since there will be many bonus DVDs and CDs along with postcards and more, and while we don’t know the tracklist it’s great to see that Avex is doing a great job with Goto’s last release before her break.

The concert will most likely feature the 15 tracks from the album since it will be released fairly close to the start of that performance, but we won’t know for sure until the day that she performs, although it seems like the title they used is perfect for Goto’s farewell concert before her break since it seems to sum up the theme of the concert well (that being a farewell from Goto full of emotions).

Hopefully everyone who can will reserve a copy of her new album as well as attend her concert since it’s the perfect way to show Goto support, and while these will be the last releases for a while it seems like avex is doing it’s best to release as much content as possible.

The release date for her album is set for 11/2 and the date for her concert will be on 12/4.

Goto Maki Official Site

CDJapan Page For Goto’s 1st Full Album




One response

20 07 2011

can’t wait for her album .. I’m hoping for great songs ..
And the title for her last concert tour sounds perfect for her hiatus ..

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