Yajima Maimi – “a foggy doll” Preview Released

19 07 2011

A preview for Yajima Maimi’s e-Lineup DVD titled a foggy doll has been released.

The preview for Yajima’s DVD is somewhat different from the others, since it replaces the traditional “look at the camera and smile for 2-3 minutes” style that the others had with a very interesting and unique new theme, and while it might not technically be that much of a preview it will certainly be a great preview for fans of solo DVDs.

The preview involves Maimi dancing for 6 minutes in slow motion while wearing a giant red bow, a fluffy white and red skirt, red heels, a white top, and a red tie, and while it may appeal to fans of solo DVDs I can’t really say the same for me since it didn’t seem like that much of a preview since it only showed one outfit with a fixed camera, but I loved the ending where Maimi passes by a gate and smiles at the camera since we got to see her more clearly.

It seems that she is dancing Kiss me Aishiteru since the moves are the same, and while the song might have been replaced by a looping soft styled track it was certainly a unique addition, but I hope we get to see the traditional previews with more than one scene for the next release.

For now I recommend fans who are interested to check it out and while the first 6 minutes might be just a fixed shot of her dancing I recommend everyone check out the final 30 seconds of the preview since it’s a great sign of what the DVD will most likely contain, and while the preview won’t appeal that much to those who don’t like solo DVDs it is still a pretty unique and interesting way of showing off the theme of the DVD.

I will update this post with the e-Lineup link when it’s available.

The DVD can be reserved now on the e-lineup site.

Video uploaded by: ocutechannel




10 responses

19 07 2011

Dem legs!

Yay for slo-mo?

19 07 2011
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[…] Yajima Maimi – “a foggy doll” Preview Released – Hello! SayuNii Actually, the whole video will just be her dancing to that one song, from that fixed shot, over and over and over. […]

19 07 2011

I saw a comment on YouTube that describing this video perfectly-
Kis me Aishiteru (Porn Ver.)

But yay for Maimi ♥
I wonder if we get to see more of these slow motion dances in other members DVDs. XD

19 07 2011

Is it just me or did Maimi dye her hair? In the last 30 seconds her hair is brown instead of black… ;)

Also, I noticed a lot more little details about the dance moves when done in slow motion. Lol But I think it was just to show her dancing skill? It’s only a preveiw, so I’m sure the rest is the “look and smile at the camera for 3 minutes” thing, they just wanted to make Maimi’s unique, I’m thinking. Dunno if I’m right though.

I love her outfit. She’s so pretty too. :D

19 07 2011

I was going to comment on that as well, it seems that she did dye her hair to brown ^_^

They most likely wanted to try out a new theme for the preview and for the most part it does appeal to fans of solo DVDs, although it doesn’t show off that much of the actual DVD ^_^;;;

She’s really pretty ^o^

19 07 2011

This video makes me sort of think that H!P is pushing Maimi to become a Gravure Idol (mostly the slow-motion makes me feel that way). Sort of unsure if I’m okay with that =\

19 07 2011

I doubt that they would push Maimi to be a gravure idol since they probably wanted to show off Maimi’s mature side, and since it’s a dance she already has performed countless times it was most likely done to show off her gracefulness ^_^

H!P tends to be a lot more cleaner when it comes to DVD and PB releases compared to the normal idol releases so I doubt they will change soon.

19 07 2011

I love this! The outfit reminds me of something S/mileage would wear!
Maimi is so pretty :)
And this vid is perfect for if you want to learn the dance haha XD

20 07 2011

I felt like her brown hair was a wig…
Although it suits her so I wouldn’t mind if she dyed it ^^

she looks stunning really <3

21 07 2011

I don’t mean to offend anyone when I say this but when I first read the title I seriously thought it said “a faggy doll” xDDDD sorry maimi!!!! >_<

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