Saho Akari To Appear on “Zakigami”

19 07 2011

Saho Akari will appear on the TBS show Zakigami.

It seems that she will only appear in one segment of the show but it’s great to see that the UP UP Girls are making more appearances on TV shows since it gives them a chance to promote their group as well as their own talent, and with an appearance on a show led by Yaguchi it will most likely be a very interesting segment.

I’m not sure what the theme of the segment will be but I encourage fans to check out the show if they can since the show already features Yaguchi, and with Akari it will most likely be even better.

Hopefully we get to see a clip of the show once it has already aired but for now I’m happy to see that Saho will appear on a show.

The appearance will air on 7/22 from 1:25 ~ 1:55 (JST).


Zakigami Site




2 responses

21 07 2011

Just FYI, Sayu and Satoda Mai are also a regular of that show. So she’ll be fine with that many UFA-affiliated members around her.

21 07 2011

Thank you for telling me that! ^o^
Sayu is in so many shows I forgot she appeared here as well ^_^;;;

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