S/mileage – “Uchoten LOVE” PV Released

18 07 2011

The full PV for S/mileage’s 6th single titled Uchoten LOVE has been released.

We saw a short 30 second high quality CM a few days ago along with a full preview on the S/mileage Ustream show, although it was somewhat hard to tell exactly how it turned out since it was shown on a TV, so it’s great to see that the full PV has finally been uploaded since the previews looked pretty good, and I’m really happy to see that the PV still looks fantastic.

There are a ton of scenes in this PV, which is a nice change from the usual 2-3 we see in other PVs, and it seems that there are about 3 basic scenes with many shots for each one: the stage with a heart shaped balloon disco ball and a giant “LOVE” sign in the back, a purikara styled booth, and a white classroom set with four desks.

The main shot of the PV would have to be focused on the stage since that’s where the dance shot is done, and along with the cute dance shot we also get to see all of the S/mileage members singing into a gem covered microphone while having fun and randomly doing poses along with the music, and with the many heart shaped balloons it really made the shot one of the best from the PV since we saw everyone and they all got a chance to appear on the camera.

The purikara styled shot was somewhat simple since it showed off a solid colored background and not many other things but it was a cute addition since it relates to the cute school theme from the other shots of the PV as well as the covers of the singles, and with the cute gems floating around in the form of a frame it really made the shot seem a bit more like an actual purikara.

The school themed shot features a lot of shots, for example the sideways shot of the members sitting in the desks, a solo shot of Ogawa with a pencil on her lip, Maeda sleeping, Kanon coloring, and Wada reading, as well as a shot of the members standing in a line with the lyrics of the song appearing on the right of the screen, and it was a great addition to the PV since it made the school theme from the covers seem a bit more realistic.

Apart from the shots mentioned here there are still many more since there was also the usual close-up shot, a really close close-up shot, S/mileage appearing in both the school and single outfits for the purikara shot, along with a kaleidoscope styled effect during one part of the PV to name just a few, which is perfect since it gives the PV a lot of variety while matching the upbeat and happy sound of the song.

I hope everyone can check it out since it’s a really well done PV with a lot of shots, many cute effects as well as a perfect theme to match the song, and with all of the promotion the group has had so far it seems like this single so far looks perfect since the song is catchy, the PV looks perfect, and the covers are all unique, so hopefully everyone has already reserved their copy of the single to support the last 4-nin release.

The release date is set for 8/3.

Video uploaded by: smileagechannel




19 responses

18 07 2011


(and yes: I needed to put Capslock on for that!)

18 07 2011

Awesome PV! I am so mindblown by Saki balancing that pen on her lip like that! lol

18 07 2011

It’s awesome! 8D
I really like it, their best PV in my opinion.
(Haha Kanon & Ayaka at 2:02)

18 07 2011

i love it sooo much it is just too adorable!!
Perfect makeup for their koing no booing boo, i didn’t like that song at all.
This is perfect and soo cute too!!

18 07 2011


18 07 2011

I LOVE THIS!!!!!! <3

18 07 2011

Ah, much better than the stream <3
It's very fun and interesting, didn't make me bored or unsatisfied in the least.

18 07 2011

*sigh* I just havn’t been liking their songs that much lately, but just when I think they can’t get anymore adorable they go & prove me wrong. I really need to learn to work my sewing macine so I can make me some cute skirts like that :D!

18 07 2011

the should released something fun and interesting like this
becoz of this pv im starting to like s/mileage…them are awesome in this pv

18 07 2011
Roddy Reta

Best PV from any H!P group in a while. The song is great too.

Hopefully this will take S/Mileage to the next level.

18 07 2011

the pv and song are really nice .. I really like it .. Much better than shortcut or koi ni booing buu .. =)

18 07 2011

i can’t watch the pv…. (>.<)
Apparently the video and other recent videos from H!P groups youtube channels are restrictid in my geopraphical location…..
Anyone with the same problem…???
I live in turkey btw…
I want to watch the pv so baaaaad…….
does anyone have any alternative link or something…??

19 07 2011

use http://hidemyass.com , cope the URL of the video to the text field in that page and enjoy the video ;).

I have to use this method, too (I’m from Germany, all officciel music videos are blocked for us).

19 07 2011

“copy”, not “cope” ^^;

18 07 2011
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19 07 2011

I Love this song! probably the only one i like from them this year!

Is it me, or do the glimpses of a dance shot look like a Para Para style

19 07 2011

I was thinking of Para Para, as well! Especially with the eurobeat sound of the song.

19 07 2011

Saki is so cute with the pen on her lip <3

20 07 2011

Finally they understood that S/mileage can do many cute and extremely adorable stuff without having to push the theme of the song to the limit!

I find this their best PV and song so far since they stayed in theme and they didn’t lack the cuteness we’re used to from them!
I’m sure this will gain them more fans! <3 <3

Gahh Sakittyyyyy *w*♥

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