[Updated]Previews Of H!P 2011 Summer Concert

17 07 2011

The first concert was yesterday and since then some concert rips and pictures have appeared on the internet. I’m really excited for this concert to be released on DVD and I wanted to give fans a preview of what the concert was like through pictures and the concert rips.

Since this post is quite long please continue reading after the break if your interested! The concert rips that I’ve found so far are:

Niigaki Risathe Party
Natsuyaki MiyabiSOME BOYS! TOUCH

[Update] More photos are added
MoBeKiMaSuLove Machine
Suzuki AiriKoi ING 
Tanaka Reina– Ganbaranakute mo ee nen de!!
Kumai YurinaKoi ING
Michishige Sayumi- Doki Doki Love Mail
Mano Erina-
Love Namida Iro & Lemon iro to Milk Tea
Tsugunaga Momoko- 
Doki Doki Love Mail
Yajima Maimi- Lemon iro to Milk Tea

The first concert rip is of the Party which Gaki performs on the YEAH YEAH 7/16 setlist and is originally by C-ute. I never listened to this song prior to Gaki’s performance of it so when I searched the original I wasn’t too please with it. The Party had ranked as #5 in the party category and it didn’t sound too much like a party song, I was also expecting it to be a bit more upbeat. Also Gaki’s last solo performance was Boogie Train ’03 and I really enjoyed that one and wished they’d give her that sort of “party” song.

I’m still not such a big fan of the song but I think it fits Gaki’s image pretty well since it’s a bit more mature. She also sang it pretty well and I didn’t hear Gaki struggling in it. She also hit the note at the end beautifully and it’s rare for Gaki to usually go into those high notes so I think she did exceptional.

Next is SOME BOYS! TOUCH which is performed by Natsuyaki Miyabi and is originally performed by Goto Maki. To me Goto Maki always had a “sexy” feel on her and I wasn’t too surprised that one of her songs made it in that category. I was never a fan of these sort of slow songs but I feel throughout the entire song Miya sounds exactly like Maki in some of her live concerts. I always thought Maki was a very powerful singer so Miya did very well singing the song. As for the performance I have no idea what that was like but since the theme was “sexy” fans can expect something like the theme.

I decided to share Love Machine since it’s such an important song and it’s been awhile since it was performed. According to fans the members that sang the solo lines were changed, in this rip which is from the first performance of the tour, I believe it’s all Morning Musume.

The person who uploaded Koi ING by Airi says that the video will be removed in a week to avoid copyright issues with Youtube so I highly suggest everyone listens to the rip ASAP. Hope you enjoy it for now.

I’m short on time so I haven’t listened to these next concert rips, so I can’t comment on it. Though other fans have said they liked it.  For now here they are.

Ganbaranakute mo ee nen de!! (Tanaka Reina)

Koi ING(Kumai Yurina)

Doki Doki Love Mail (Michishige Sayumi)

Doki Doki Love Mail (Tsugunaga Momoko)

Love Namida Iro (Mano Erina)

Lemon iro to Milk Tea (Mano Erina )

Lemon iro to Milk Tea (Yajima Maimi)

Next are some pictures of the event.

A newspaper clipping of the event

Photos from Reina’s blog

Here’s a preview of one of the outfits they used in the concert, it looks like something they’d used for Love Machine since it sparkles and most of the time they perform the song their outfits sparkles. From the looks of it there’s no difference in outfits that separates them into groups. I really like it and everyone looks wonderful in the photos.

Various photos of the event

I’m not sure where these pictures came from but it looks like a fan was able to snap a few shots of Suzuki Kanon and Sayashi Riho. This gives us more insight on what the outfits for the concert are like and I’m just speculating but I think the gold glitter outfits that Riho and Kanon are in could be for Morning Musume’s next single.

Reina, Sayu and Gaki have been teasing fans on their blogs about the outfits for their next single. From their blogs the outfits are gold and the best description for it would be to say it’s similar to the outfits in Onna ni sachi are. While they haven’t shown a full preview of the it the ones shown in the photo and their blogs look very similar. Hopefully we get some more information/photos soon.

Natsuyaki Miyabi

The final photo is one of Miyabi. It doesn’t say what song she’s performing here but I’m assuming its SOME BOYS! TOUCH. Her outfit is a mix of “sexy” and “cute” and the colors and patterns don’t match very well but Miya still looks good in it and somehow makes it blend well.

Mano Erina

I’m not 100% sure if this was used in the concert but from the design it’s quite obvious that it’s related to the concert. (Similar to the logo and looks like manga) Even if it wasn’t used in the concert it’s possible that it’s a t-shirt sold at the concert and I think the manga theme is nice.

Left: Riho’s bug costume Right: Possible outfits for MM’s next single

Pink outfits from the concert

I think these outfits only appear in the  WOW WOW setlist, in the second photo it looks like it says WOW on their bottoms and it wouldn’t make sense to wear that at the YEAH YEAH. Maybe there are bottoms that say YEAH and they just switch it out for each setlist. I think these costumes are quite cute and the pink veil they were is pretty cool.

Left: Outfits for C-ute’s latest single Right: Nakky’s bug costume

To the left is the outfit for C-ute’s newest single, the outfits are in each member’s own colors. The dress looks pretty nice and while I didn’t get to listen to the song preview I hear it’s similar to Momoiro Sparkling so the outfits fit the lively theme. Thanks to Corby the outfits on the right here is a bug costume. I wasn’t sure what it was before (I thought it was suppose to be like a rabbit), but that’s all been cleared up. Thank you!

Hopefully more about the concert will be released soon and when it doesn’t I’ll be sure to update this. For now please enjoy and always support Hello Project!





14 responses

17 07 2011

I love the solo song sung by Gaki, she is very beautiful and sweet!

But I do not recognize the voice of miya! It sounds like the voice of Ai, it is amazing how a beautiful voice in concert, I had never noticed it’s improved! But the song is beautiful!

17 07 2011

That picture of Ai in the gold dress is rumoured to be the new single outfit.

17 07 2011

Mano /could’ve/ worn her shirt in the concert, but I think it’s more that she changed into it after it was over. It is a concert good.
I think the gold outfit is for the a-side they performed too. (It’s too much to type XD) Mizuki and Riho were shown covering up gold outfits in blog pictures, but they didn’t cover themselves wholly, so we could see a bit.
Thanks for these previews!

17 07 2011

I get what you mean about it’s too long to type because I always copy & paste the title XD

17 07 2011

Wow, great post. Thank you.

*takes a deep breath*


17 07 2011

wha…..whaaaattt….. risa is amazing!!!!! her voice is really so smooth here….

17 07 2011

i like Nakajima Saki dress! i’m so exited to see the PV for C-ute new single!

17 07 2011

There’s also several kinds of bug costumes (black & red Riho = ladybug), like dragonflies, bees, butterflies, grasshoppers, and Ai is the Queen Bee. And someone mentioned on their blog that there’s a different costume for the Wow Wow and Yeah Yeah setlist at one point. (Probably the shorts that say Wow Wow XD)

17 07 2011

Bug costumes? Zukki must be happy! :D

17 07 2011

Ah, that’s what it was a bug! LOL There’s another photo with Nakky in it and she’s in blue and black but I couldn’t make out what her headband was. (I added it for everyone to see) Looking at Riho’s one I thought it was suppose to be bunny ears. XD

Also Ai as Queen Bee makes a lot of sense. Her member color is yellow and she’s leader of H!P I have to find a picture of that >.<

17 07 2011

Wow… Miya is AMAZING.
I want to see this performance NOW! <3

18 07 2011
18 07 2011

Did the eggs also dance at the concerts? I just saw two all-new Egg group pictures on H!O, so it would be great to know :).

18 07 2011

They did indeed. Even Jang Dayeon (the Korean H!P member) was present.

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