Kikkawa Yuu – “Hapirapi~Sunrise~” Preview and Details Released

16 07 2011

Regular Edition

  • c/w – Hapirapi~Sunrise~ (REMIX)

Limited A

  • DVD – Hapirapi~Sunrise~ (Music Video)

Limited B

  • c/w – Love you forever

Limited C

  • c/w – Mizuiro

Limited D

  • c/w – Sweetie

A preview and more details about Kikkawa Yuu’s 2nd single titled Hapirapi~Sunrise~ have been released.

The single will be available in 5 editions: Regular, Limited A, Limited B, Limited C, and Limited D. The full tracklist for each single hasn’t been released but we can expect to see the normal version and an instrumental of Hapirapi~Sunrise~ in every one of them along with the c/w or video mentioned above.

So far it seems that they will once again release different c/w for different releases, with the Regular, Limited B, Limited C, and Limited D editions having a new song each, and it seems like this will be an impressive release since there seems to be a lot of content for every edition, and with cutely titled c/ws like Love you forever, Mizuiro (Eng: light blue), and Sweetie we will probably hear a great variety of sounds although so far I can only imagine them as upbeat ballads.

The Limited A version will include a DVD and from what I can tell it will be the only edition with a DVD since the others have a regular price of 1,000 Yen, compared to the 1,500 Yen of that version, which should give fans a chance to buy all of the songs without spending that much, although the DVD version will probably be popular as well since it has the PV after all.

Along with this large amount of details we also get to hear a preview of her new single, and while it might be short I was impressed with it since it has a cute sound to it, and like Kikka mentioned it’s a refreshing song that brings to mind a morning idol, but so far the song seems a bit too average since it sounds like most of the other idol releases so I hope the full preview can change my opinion about that, although I really like the cute and upbeat sound it has.

For now I hope fans can reserve their copies of the single once they are available since the large amount of bonuses and the short preview should give everyone a good idea about what to expect, and with an extra Limited D version it seems that Universal is fairly confident with this release so hopefully fans take this chance to support Kikka while expanding their collection.

The release date is set for 9/21.

Video uploaded by: universalmusicjapan

Universal Japan Page For Kikka’s 2nd single




8 responses

16 07 2011

Ugh, she’s singing through her nose and I know she has much better timbre than that whiny idol voice she just sang with. :(

16 07 2011

I can’t spend the money just to get every song H!P.

16 07 2011
Hello, hello, hello, dancing

Kikka isn’t a part of H!P anymore.

17 07 2011

The song reminds me of Kikkawa YOU (sp?) I’ll have to wait until the full version comes out before I give my full opinion… Though I’d prefer a live version of the song…

18 07 2011

You mean Kikkake wa YOU? The singer is Kikkawa Yuu, her first single was Kikkake wa YOU

17 07 2011

Gonna pre-order all five versions of this when it becomes available, I love the upbeat mood of it, and like the previous single, I think the b-tracks are gonna be something unbelievable

17 07 2011

Is Kikkawa not part of H!P anymore??? I thought she was!

18 07 2011

I don’t think she is part of H!P anymore since she seems to be doing very different activities compared to other H!P groups and members, and since she’s under the Universal Japan label that pretty much confirms it. Although she seems to have a loose connection with H!P since she appears with other H!P members on some shows and at events and performances, so she might still have a slight association with H!P ^_^

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