Hello! Project 2011 SUMMER ~Nippon no mirai wa YEAH YEAH Live~ Setlist Released

16 07 2011

The setlist for “Hello! Project 2011 SUMMER ~Nippon no mirai wa YEAH YEAH Live~ “ has been released.

1. LOVE Machine / All
2. Kono chikyuu no mirai wo honki de negatterun da yo! / Morning Musume
3. Aa yo ga akeru / Berryz Kobo
4. Sekaiichi HAPPY na onnanoko / C-ute
5. My Days For You / Mano Erina
6. Uchouten LOVE / S/mileage
7. Gyagu 100kai bun aishite kudasai / Berryz Kobo
8. Shortcut / S/mileage
9. Ookii na ai de motenashite / C-ute
10. Rival / Ogawa Saki (8 eggs BD) [#3 in Courage song ranking]
11. the Party / Niigaki Risa [#5 Party song ranking]
12. SOME BOYS! TOUCH / Natsuyaki Miyabi [#10 in Sexy song ranking]
13. Genkimono de yukou! / Mano Erina (BD: 6 eggs)
14. Maji Bomber!!! / Berryz Kobo
15. Genki pikappika / All
16. Yume miru 15 / S/mileage
17. 21seikiteki renai jijou / Mano Erina
18. Sukichan / S/mileage, Berryz Kobo, Mano Erina
19. Ai no Dangan / Berryz Kobo
20. Iza susume! Steady Go / C-ute
21. Makeruna Wasshoi! / Bekimasu
22. Only You / Morning Musume
23. Love & Peace Hero ga yattekita!! / All (no eggs)

Which member would probably say “Welcome back, master!” the best? (They said it on stage.)
1. Tsugunaga Momoko
2. Michishige Sayumi
3. Maeda Yuuka

Which members seems to have an awful morning mood?
1. Tanaka Reina
2. Tokunaga Chinami
3. Hagiwara Mai

  • Singing parts for Love Machine were different from the earlier show 
  • “Bekimasu” is Berryz Koubou, C-ute, S/mileage and Mano Erina

I was somewhat expecting this tracklist to include some of the shuffle groups since that’s the pattern that H!P was following lately. However with this concert it looks like the shuffle groups won’t be appearing and it would make sense since doing so would leave 9th gen out and some groups are also short on members. I’m sure in time 9th gen will be added into the shuffle groups but since this is their first H!P concert they’ll probably want to take it easy. Also adding in the shuffle groups would be harder on the members since they would have to memorize more lyrics and dances, though if the shuffles were include I’m sure all of them would work hard and perform just fine.

This setlist uses a lot of older songs compared to WOW WOW’s setlist. The beginning still includes the most recent songs however Ookii na ai de motenashite hasn’t been performed for awhile and Gyagu 100kai bun aishite kudasai is a one of Berryz Koubou’s earlier songs.

I prefer the other setlist over this one but overall I think both setlists are amazing and each has their own strong points. Hopefully all fans feel the same and continue to support H!P during their concert tour.

Thanks to Sohee for all the info!




7 responses

16 07 2011

ahw kikka is not with the concerts yet :(
i was looking forward to see her in the H!P concerts…. so she wont be performing with aichan… too bad :(

16 07 2011

She will be opening the concert tomorrow. She was unable to attend today due to scheduling conflicts.

16 07 2011

Is the show starting now ??

16 07 2011

The show was actually a few hours ago. This one started at 18:30 JST on 7/16.

16 07 2011

I’m actually kind of disappointed by the setlists. I was hoping for a bunch of older songs. I’m excited about some of them! But I was hoping they’d do some melon kinenbi and W songs, you know?

16 07 2011

SOME BOYS! TOUCH !!! By… Miyabi?! I never imagined her singing that song in particular but I think she probably did a really good job and I’m looking forward to seeing it! (:

16 07 2011

That is the song that jumped out at me most! xD I love that song. It’s weird to imagine Miyabi-chan singing it though, haha.

I think I actually voted for that song in the “sexy” category.

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