C-ute – “Sekaiichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko” Concert Preview Released

16 07 2011

A concert preview for C-ute’s 17th single titled Sekaiichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko has been released.

Their last single seemed to have a theme of a cute and upbeat song, and I would say that this song fall under a similar upbeat category with a slight ballad sound, which is a good thing since Momoiro Sparkling was impressive although the overly cute vocals seemed to bring the song down a bit.

As for this song itself, I would say that I really like it since it has a nice beat with an interesting instrumental, although after hearing it completely I can’t say for sure whether it’s catchy or not since I don’t remember much of the song so I’ll have to wait for a radio preview.

Along with the song we also get a chance to see a preview of the outfits:

They seem to have a slightly simple look since it’s just a skirt and a small colored vest along with a white top, but it’s certainly very colorful and it matches the sound of the song a bit so it will be interesting to see how the outfits look on the members when we get the profile pictures.

Hopefully everyone can listen to the preview since it sounds really good, and while it might not be as catchy at first like their past single I am certain that many fans will love this sound since it seems to have a slightly similar feeling to Momoiro Sparkling.

The release date is set for 9/7.

Video uploaded by: KamikazeFS1



6 responses

16 07 2011

Will have to listen to this a couple of times before I can really find the enjoyment, much like Momoiro Sparkling.

16 07 2011

So cute! I really love it! It sorta sounds like they gave the first solo line to Chisa? I might be hearing it a bit wrong though cuz it’s a concert rip! Haha, either way though, I’m super excited about it!

17 07 2011

Darn I missed it!! T_T

17 07 2011

Here is another preview check it out before it’s taken down ^o^

17 07 2011

Don’t tell me this is an ChissAiri lead o.o

22 07 2011

yeah it kind of sounds like it
but saki/maimi/maimai sound like they got a fair share of lines :P i think…

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