Shuukan Yoro! Vol 100

15 07 2011

Summary: Here’s a summary of what this week’s Shuukan Yoro post contains:

  • Site News: 100th Shuukan Yoro Post, New Special OG Poll
  • Polls: Suzuki Kanon came in 1st with 45%, Mano Erina came in 2nd with 29%, and Sudou Maasa came in 3rd with 26%
  • Shuukan Yoro: Special Hagiwara Mai episode

Check out the full post after the break!

Site News: As most of you might have already noticed this is the 100th Shuukan Yoro post, which means that for the past 100 weeks this section has been posted regularly with news about the site, info about the weekly poll, as well as an episode from H!P’s Yorosen series, and I would like to thank everyone for checking out this post regularly throughout all of this time since I really enjoy doing this section, so a big thank you to everyone!

I started this section as the “Random H!P” section in the early months of the site mainly as an excuse to show off a video about H!P, and while at the start there was a strong focus on music (mainly remixes) I am glad that I decided to show Yorosen episodes since it gave me a chance to show off this great series to everyone. And just like my writing style, the section matured into what it is now, and I’m really happy to see that I was able to finish the Yorosen section since not many sites can show a 120 episode series regularly along with weekly update reports and poll results.

There are many more plans for this section in the future but for now I’m still deciding on a few of them so to everyone who checks this section regularly, again, thank you for doing so since doing this post takes quite some time to do (usually 2-3 hours including preparing the poll, finding the weekly H!P member photo, getting the episode of Yorosen, adding the poll info, etc).

That being said as a special treat for the 100th episode I decided to add a new poll to the site! A long time ago a reader (sorry I don’t remember exactly who) asked me if I planned on bringing back the OG polls since I only focused on the current members from H!P and I said I would eventually do so, and I’m keeping my word by adding the OG poll back again.

For now I plan on having one OG poll every month with it lasting two weeks each since I plan on using a limited amount of the OG members (I haven’t decided yet on that for sure). I did this mostly because finding a picture for a member who graduated years ago and who doesn’t release any pictures at all will be difficult to do since I would be using only 2 or 3 pictures from when they were members meaning that the pictures would be really old and I would have a limited selection of choices.

Despite that expect to see all of M-line, Ayaya, Kamei, Lin Lin, Jun Jun, Konno, Kago, and Goto to appear on the polls for now although if there is enough demand I might add more members (if you would like to see other members please comment below), but some members who are inactive and who haven’t released any pictures in years will probably not appear.

Thank you to everyone who checks this section out regularly!

Polls: The winner for this poll was Suzuki Kanon with 447 votes (45%), congratulations Zukki! Mano Erina came in second with 286 votes (29%), and Sudou Maasa came in third with 259 votes (26%).

There was a total of 992 votes for this poll.

Congratulations Zukki!

The 9th generation has impressed me lately since they have won nearly all of their most recent polls, and while it might be due to them being the main standouts since they are new members I am glad to see that Kanon won by a big margin since she is among the most unique members Momusu has had due to her cute and funny personality.

Kanon got an impressive 45% of the votes, although Mano and Maasa were slightly more leveled at 29% and 26%, which is great news since they both got high results compared to other members, and while the difference between 1st and 2nd is big it’s great to see that Mano has been doing well in polls lately since she is a very talented idol who unfortunately seems to sell less and less with every release, but it’s clear that she has a solid fanbase who will support her throughout every release.

Maasa has been doing well also in her polls and while she might not be the member with the biggest percentage of wins she still has a large and dedicated fanbase who has shown that she is a strong member, but since only one member can win each week I wish the best of luck to both Maasa and Mano-chan on their next poll and congratulations to Zukki on her win!

The next poll will feature Reina, Mizuki, and Maimai and while Reina is a very popular member it will be interesting to see if Mizuki can keep up the 9th generation win streak. Although Mizuki appeared a week ago a random choosing of members means that a member might appear really soon again since I pick new polls every 9 weeks, and it seems like Mizuki gets a chance to appear once again early in the next poll battles. Will Mizuki be able to win against Reina and Maimai? We’ll find out next week!

For the 1st OG poll we will see Rika, Yossie, Tsuji, Yaguchi, and Koha and since they all have many activites going on now it will be interesting to see if this will help them on the poll since HANGRY&ANGRY’s recent appearances might help Rika and Yossie get more votes, although we will have to wait to find out in two weeks.

Just a reminder for those who don’t vote: If you do have a chance please vote since it only takes two clicks and you help your favorite member appear as member of the week!

To make it easier for fans I will provide the direct link to the H!P poll HERE and the OG poll HERE.

Please vote!

Shuukan Yoro: It’s the 1st ~ 5th day of Hagiwara Mai’s week about “English”.

Most will probably be surprised to see that this section is included in this post since I mentioned last week that the video section of this post would be in hiatus while I organized my collection of subbed shows from H!P to upload, and while I still plan to do that there was still one release from Yorosen that was never released, so technically this section must go on at least until that release is shown.

I’m talking about Mai’s real week and not the one I showed where she just commented from time to time about other member’s weeks, since most of you might already be aware of a bonus release in a Yorosen DVD that was included a few months ago. Until now I didn’t get a chance to show it since it appeared but no subbing group picked it up, and while I do have some subbing experience (I did have a subbing group consisting only of me which I decided to set aside) I don’t know enough Japanese to sub it correctly.

But thanks to KIDS Fansub (and to TommyVD for the link) I now have a copy of this week completely subbed from the H!O site, and since my account was approved for uploads longer than 15 minutes many months ago I decided to use this opportunity to upload a full episode to finish up the series, so this is the perfect way to celebrate the 100th Shuukan Yoro post, with a 30 minute long episode!

My current Youtube account I used for the Yorosen episodes will now be put aside until Youtube decides to take it down, the current episodes will still be up but I won’t upload anymore since I already transferred the episodes to an external hard drive, so please don’t expect any more updates from that channel (sorry to everyone who commented on the channel itself that they wanted to see more weeks).

Moving on to the episode, I haven’t seen it so there won’t be that many comments about it, but Sayu appears alongside C-ute while Mai teaches everyone English, and from the small sections I saw it’s a really interesting episode since there are many fun games, like the game where everyone counts by odds and evens in English.

Hopefully everyone can check it out before it’s taken down since it’s a great episode, but thank you to everyone who followed the series weekly on this site!




4 responses

15 07 2011

“(and to TommyVD for the link)”

Anything i can do to help, and props to KIDS for subbing this, they have been putting out some great subbing material recently…

15 07 2011
Rai Rehem

Hello I am Brazilian and I love the Hello Project, visit your site daily, many people of my City and Country of My Worship Project Hello, I am a big fan of yours and always count on my support to continue the Website, My Favorite Groups are C -ute and Berryz Koubou, I would like to give a peek at my site thank you!

15 07 2011

I voted for Koha and Reina ^^ Thanks for the episode and I will sub Hello!Pro Time soon ^^

16 07 2011

I think I could’ve been one of the members asking for and OG poll just because I was curious how 5th gen members would stack up against each other XD Anyways glad to see some OG gen up for the poll..I can’t wait for the results because it doesn’t look like anyone is at a disadvantage… Though I’m leaning at Koha/Rika since Rika was a very popular member and Koha did pretty well as a soloists..

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