LQ Cover Of Buono’s Mini Album “Partenza” Released

15 07 2011

 A small LQ cover of Buono’s mini album titled “Partenza” has been released.

The cover features two poses of the group in different outfits and from the looks of the outfits there’s not much of a theme going on. The group shot closes to the front does seem more rockish while the one in the back is more mellow and calm but other than that there’s no real theme in my view.

The background is black and white with some sort of pattern. It doesn’t look like there’s anything special drawn but it sometimes looks like their in a house with windows. It somewhat reminds me of the co-no-michi PV because the girls are walking towards the camera.

They also used the same “Buono” logo as Natsu Dakara, where the letters at the end are flipped. I’m not too fond of the logo since it’s hard to read and for any new fans they might not get what it is right away. Some of their previous logos used the covers would’ve worked fine but I guess it’s changing since they’re no longer with the anime.

Regardless of that the cover looks great and there’s two outfits on the cover so hopefully we can see a preview of the second one soon. Some previews of the new songs in the album would be nice too but that might be a bit too early for now.

Hopefully everyone reserves a copy, the album will be released on 8/10.

Buono Discography Page



6 responses

15 07 2011

It looks kinda cool, but momo is the leader sooo why airi is again in the centre? :/

15 07 2011

Because she’s most popular. It’s common practice in the company to promote the members according to popularity; especially holds true in things such as single/album covers and A-tracks.
If you offer you money in loads to one or both of the other members (buying her/their solo-shot merchandise such as shirts and towels), then the company might not promote Airi (one of the best sellers in all of H!P) as much as they currently do. If you want it to change, promote people buying member merchandise as well as buy them yourself; nothing will change if new buyers don’t come into the market; this is the key way to show the company you care about a member.

15 07 2011

I think this cover shows the two sides of Buono!:the calm one,and the rock-ish one.But I still think the cover would look better without the mellow and calm shot in the back.The cover looks nice and the pattern is really cool :)

15 07 2011

Airiiiiiiiii ilu but seriouslyyyyyyy.
I think even Airi fans think the others need a chance to be in the front again.

15 07 2011

You’re right!I love Airi but I don’t like the fact that she is always the center.This gains Airi more haters :(

15 07 2011


Srsly.. Im getting sick of this…

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