H!P Releases July 15

15 07 2011

There is only one release today, but Nakajima fans will probably be looking forward to this release since today it’s all about her new PB.

Today’s releases include:

  • Nakajima Saki – W Saki (PB)

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Nakajima Saki – “W Saki”

Nakajima Saki’s 2nd PB.


It seems like we just found out about Nakky’s PB yesterday and for the most part that’s true since we found out about it near the end of June and now only about 15 days later many Nakky fans are already happily in possession of their copy of the PB, and while she might not be my most favorite member of C-ute I am still a fan of her and her cute personality and I was really impressed with this great release.

The title of the PB might be a reference to the themes inside since we get to see two themes: innocent and pure Nakky and mature and sexy Nakky with the “W” also possibly referring to “Woman Nakky” since she has grown into a more mature member since her past release.

One example of this would probably be the cover of the PB since we get to see Nakky lean into the camera in a white dress, which shows off the playful but mature theme we will see many times throughout the PB, and like the many examples included in this post it’s easy to tell that they did a perfect job with this theme.

It seems that the outfits are either brightly colored in a bright setting, such as the picture above of Nakky holding up an inner tube while posing in a rolled up shirt and a cute bottom, or in a dark setting with a dark outfit, like the picture below showing Nakky in a cute black outfit with a heart tail and horns, and for the most part I love how they did a perfect job with the theme since this is probably among the best PBs I have seen this year.

Nakky has always been a slightly under appreciated member but her first PB release showed fans around the world that she is indeed a pretty and cute girl with a great personality, and with a second release showing off her more mature side it is an even bigger step toward showing off her true beauty since every single picture I have seen so far is well done.

I encourage fans who are interested to get a copy of the PB since it will probably be among the best of the year, and to those who haven’t bought her first PB I encourage you to start your Nakky collection with this release since it’s the perfect example of how to do an innocent yet mature themed release.


Nakajima Saki’s 2nd PB is a very awaited release since it has been quite some time since her first solo PB has been released, and she is one of the most photogenic members of H!P thanks to her natural charm and gorgeous figure.

Apart from Nakky being naturally beautiful, the PB has many differences and special features that could encourage anyone into buying it, most importantly the overall theme it will have which is the “double” theme, where we will get to see Nakky in very opposite situations, such as posing in a devil’s outfit and an angel’s one, with many other amazing scenes and pictures.

Since Nakky didn’t always have her time to shine, I think it’s awesome that she gets some special releases with unique content such as this PB since it’s one of the few promotion she gets, and making the release special is only more benefit to her, and hopefully many fans will be interested in buying a copy to see what Nakky is capable of and to discover the awesome shots included.

Please support Nakky by reserving a copy since she deserves it, and hopefully this way she will keep releasing PBs and afterwards, probably solo DVDs.


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Nakajima Saki
W Saki (PB)




3 responses

15 07 2011

This PB is a scorcher –> ordered it :D

16 07 2011

Nakky is beautiful~!

16 07 2011
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