S/mileage – “Uchoten LOVE” PV Preview Released

14 07 2011

A short PV preview for S/mileage’s 6th single titled Uchoten LOVE has been released.

We were supposed to see the full PV on the S/mileage broadcast and we did, although we saw S/mileage seeing it on a TV so it wasn’t exactly what we thought, but it still is a great opportunity to check out the PV along with comments of the members:

Video uploaded by: Barracuda910

For the most part the PV is amazing since I think we get to see many interesting shots, such as S/mileage singing at one microphone as a group, a purikara styled shot where the members pose while singing complete with a heart border effect, a dance shot with many close-ups of the girls singing, along with many school themed shots such as the members singing from a line formation, while sitting in a desk among many others.

Since the video is pretty low quality I won’t comment just yet on those shots until I can see them clearly and not as a recording of a TV in a corner, but I was impressed since the PV so far matches the song perfectly since the upbeat and fun theme of the song goes well with the many fast paced and cute shots we saw.

Along with that the PV has a lot of shots so fans won’t be limited to just dance and close-up shots, which is a good thing since UFA seems to be opening up to a bigger variety of shots, and since the PV has just enough effects to make the PV look perfect instead of overpowering it I was really amazed at how good it looks.

While we wait for the full good quality PV we did get to see a 30 second CM on Hello! Pro Time, so it should give us a good idea about what to expect and there are quite a lot of shots, for example the dance shot, two different close-up shots, the purikara scene, and the microphone scene, which all look a lot better than on the preview we saw on Ustream since they are all bright and upbeat like the song.

I’ll reserve my full comments of the shots until I see the full PV but so far this is an amazing PV since it has a lot of shots each with a unique theme, and with this great, upbeat song from S/mileage it makes the PV perfect.

Hopefully we get the full PV soon since I am impressed so far, and we should see it sometime soon since it has already aired on Ustream so it’s just a matter of time.

The release date is set for 8/3.

Video uploaded by: Barracuda910




7 responses

14 07 2011

Best smileage song/pv yet!
I love it sooo much! :D

14 07 2011

so not expecting this kind of preview T_T

But it looks like it was their first time seeing the PV too and their reactions to the PV was pretty fun to see. I hope a better PV quality is released soon.

14 07 2011

As the PV began, I was thinking how if I were unable to see, I’d just go around the desk and sit on the floor in front of it. Then, Sakitty, followed by DAWA, did just that and I was happy (yay, common sense!) XD
I also liked seeing DAWA bop around through-out because she looked to be having fun <3

So far, I think seeing the members watching made the PV a tad boring. But when I see it in full, I'll probably be able to pay attention better XD
Also, in the commercial, the lighting they used (stage's close-ups) really brought the girls' facial structure to light which is pretty neat =3

14 07 2011

This song is “BOOM BOOM meccha maccho” reworked. So sad Tsunku, so sad.

15 07 2011
Rai Rehem

Hello I wonder if you have news of Kanna Arihara Dear Former C-ute, it was one of my favorite members required

15 07 2011

I checked but so far I haven’t found that much new with Kanna.
She will be in a straight to DVD movie (which we mentioned a while ago on this site) and from what I understand she cut her hair a bit shorter although not that much, but that’s about it.

I’ll be on the lookout for any news from her ^o^

15 07 2011

Very cute. prolly one of their best PVs. Did anyone else notice the hearts in their eyes???

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