Official Nakajima Saki Blog Opened

14 07 2011

Nakajima Saki has opened up an Ameba Blog titled Blog day’s.

I’m glad to see that another blog has been opened since it gives fans a chance to catch up and stay up to date with a member’s daily life, and while Nakky might already have another Gree blog I’m happy to see that she did get an Ameba blog since they are  usually really easier to read.

Apart from featuring the usual misspelling the blog banner looks pretty good since it has the same black and white or innocent and evil theme that her PB has, and with the title in red and a picture of Nakky in a cute white dress along with a picture of her in a sexy black outfit it completes the banner pretty well and makes it stand out among others.

Hopefully fans can check out her new blog since it looks great so far, and although I wish another member who didn’t have a blog would get one I am glad to see that there will be more Nakky blog posts for fans to enjoy.

Official Nakajima Saki Blog




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