Updated Tracklist For HANGRY&ANGRY’s “Reconquista” Released

13 07 2011

  1. Reconquista
  2. Renai Revolution 21(H&A NeoAcid Version)
  3. Sadistic Dance (THE LOWBROWS REMIX)
  4. Reconquista (Instrumental)

The official UFA site has posted an updated tracklist for HANGRY&ANGRY’s new single titled Reconquista.

Earlier this month we posted the tracklist for HANGRY&ANGRY’s new single from 7-net, and it seems like it was the basic list since the official release from UFA features many more details, and while there aren’t that many changes I am glad to see that there are a few.

As for new tracks the only addition was the instrumental for Reconquista but the remixes and new versions now have more details, for example the Renia Revolution 21 cover by HANGRY&ANGRY is now titled the H&A NeoAcid Version, which sounds pretty cool but doesn’t really give us an idea about how it will sound.

The main standout seems to be the remix of Sadistic Dance by the electro duo from THE LOWBROWS, and while some fans might not be aware who they are they are a group with a very artistic but rhythmic sound that is certainly unique (I’ve heard them a few times but I’m not that big of a fan), so it will be fun to see how they manage to remix one of HANGRY&ANGRY’s best songs.

For now the tracklist seems perfect since the addition of an instrumental along with more detailed titles for both of the alternate tracks is a perfect way for fans to look forward to a great release, and while we haven’t heard previews for the remixes yet it’s just a matter of time until we do.

The release date is set for 8/10.

Official UFA Profile Page For HANGRY&ANGRY’s New Single



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