Official “Gomennasai” Site Opened

13 07 2011

The official site for Buono’s movie titled Gomennasai has been opened.

The site is somewhat simple since it only features a black background with the name of the movie, credits for Buono and Hello! Project, a comment from Buono and what appears to be the director and not much else, but it should be interesting to see if they add a few more sections with more info of the movie when possible since there isn’t much available so far.

As far as movie sites go this is pretty normal since a movie where we only know the title and a few members of the cast won’t have a site full with images or the storyline, but hopefully they add a few more sections in a few months with more info like the release date of the movie, some images, and a storyline.

It’s worth a look since it does feature a comment from Buono in writing but I’ll update when new sections are added to the site since for now it seems like just a small teaser instead of a full movie site.

The movie will be released in 2011.

Official Gomennasai Site




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