Kikkawa Yuu – “YOU” PB Cover Released

13 07 2011

The cover for Kikkawa Yuu’s first PB titled YOU has been released.

Like the DVD cover, the PB features a cover with a simple theme featuring Kikka looking at the camera from an angle with her name on the right in orange, and despite being way too simple I love how it looks overall since we get to see Kikka clearly.

Compared to other PBs Kikka doesn’t appear in a bikini on the cover, which is a nice change since we get to see her in a cute white outfit, and while she isn’t smiling it is still pretty cute since the light and the background really make her stand out well.

The title is as simple as can be since it features the title of the PB in bright orange letters and not much else, and while it might be somewhat hard to read from a distance it seems like the perfect size to read from up close since it doesn’t take up much of the cover.

Overall I would say that the cover is amazing since it has a really gorgeous picture of Kikka in a cute outfit, and while the title won’t impress many it is still a great addition to the cover since it focuses attention on Kikka.

Hopefully fans can reserve their copy of the PB since it looks like this will be a great release, and since the release date will be in about a month or so we will most likely see a few previews in a few weeks so we will find out soon what kind of theme the PB will have.

The release date is set for 8/17.

Wanibooks Site For Kikka’s PB




3 responses

13 07 2011

omg she is really beautiful (well, i knew that lol), i love the cover

14 07 2011

I love YOU!

17 07 2011

I have both this and the DVD on pre-order, she is going to be unbelievably gorgeous in these releases and I can’t wait to get them

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