Buono- “Ice Mermaid” Preview Released

13 07 2011

A preview of Buono’s “Ice Mermaid” has been released.

The song starts off with some trumpets which reminds me of transformation scenes in a bunch of animes. The next part features all of them singing in an eerie tone and shortly after the energy of the song picks up and then moves into the chorus. This pattern is repeated and after that they go into a long instrumental break. Finally they sing the chorus one last time and end on a piano note.

If any of you are familiar with the anime Sailor Moon, then this is what I’d describe the song like, a song that would be played for that anime. The beginning would be her transformation scene, the parts right after that is when she chases the bad guy and the chorus is would be the bad guys’ defeat. I guess this song could actually fit for all animes since that’s how most of them go but in general this song is like a “fight”/theme song for some sort of superhero.

Overall I think this song is pretty fun to listen to because it raises your energy as the song goes. This song follows a lot of Buono’s past songs since there’s a long instrumental break for them to perform a dance so hopefully they can do a special dance at their concert.

Hopefully everyone gets a chance to listen to the rip before it’s taken down.

Please support Buono and reserve your copy when it’s released on 7/20.




8 responses

13 07 2011

I love it! Kind of makes me think of spy music somehow xD

14 07 2011

I’m loving this song! It would definitely work as an anime theme of some kind. Too bad it’s not the A-side!

14 07 2011

Really good song! It is just the Buono! style that I love ♥

14 07 2011

AMAZING!I wish this was the A-side!D: This is my new Buono! favorite song xD

14 07 2011

wow, I REALLY liked that!

15 07 2011

LOVE this song! Buono! did a great job!!! The beginning reminds me of surfing music, and then it sounds like spy music a bit… man I really wish I could buy their CDs somehow….ANYWAY it was really good! Keep up the good work Buono!

22 07 2011


Or create a japanese itunes account (way I do it)
1. On eBay search for “iTunes Japanese” and buy a code
2. Go to iTunes and set up an account using a hotel address (e.g http://www1.hilton.com/en_US/hi/hotel/TYOHITW-Hilton-Tokyo-hotel/index.do)
3. Support Buono!

22 07 2011

You can always get some from ebay, but I wouldn’t recommend it that much since there are some fakes on that site (not that many, just check for obi’s), but the best bet is to support them by buying the tracks from iTunes, like Korban said ^_^

Here’s the link for this release (it’s a worldwide release, so you can buy the tracks with a US account or whatever account you have) ^o^

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