Berryz Koubou, S/mileage, H!P Eggs, and UP UP Girls To Appear At Shiodome AX 2011 Idol Carnival Event

13 07 2011

Berryz Koubou, S/mileage, Hello! Pro Eggs, and UP UP Girls will appear at the month long Shiodome AX 2011 Idol Carnival event.

The theme for the event will be Kikka’s HapiRapi~Sunrise~.

While it seems that they won’t be the main event for the show it is still a great chance for the 4 groups to appear and perform for the crowd at the event, and since there will also be appearances of other idol groups such as the SUPER GIRLS it will be interesting to see who gets the most positive reaction from the crowd.

For now only Berryz and S/mileage are listed in the performance section but most likely the H!P Eggs and the UP UP Girls will perform a few songs as well since they were listed on the site before it got the redesign showing off maps of the site as well as more info about the event.

Hopefully fans in the area can go to the event since it seems like a great way to enjoy a nice event with Berryz, S/mileage and other group.

The event will be from 7/22 through 8/21 from 10:00 am ~ 6:00 pm (JST).

Official Shiodome 2011 AX Idol Carnival Event




One response

15 07 2011

those stars are seriously cute. I want that ball thing.

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