Alternate Event-Only Covers For S/mileage’s “Uchoten LOVE” Announced

13 07 2011

According to the official site there will be event-only covers available at Hello! Project’s Summer concert for S/mileage’s Uchoten LOVE.

For now there are only Kanon and Wada covers announced but there will also be similar covers for Yuuka and Saki.

It’s rare to see new covers for a single that has already been released, but S/mileage has always been a group that tries out new ways to promote their singles and with this new strategy it seems like everyone will be happy since solo covers for the single are a perfect way to give fans a bonus along with their support.

The tracklist will most likely be the same so I don’t expect to see any additional tracks but the main difference will be a giant solo shot of each member, and while the theme might be simple it is a great release since fans of each member can get this special release only available at concerts.

There isn’t much to say about the covers themselves since giant pictures of Kanon and Wada on the cover are self-explanatory, but it’s nice to see that they moved the title of the single to the bottom to give the picture more room.

Hopefully fans who attend the event can get a copy of their favorite member’s single since it seems like a nice way to encourage fans to get a copy, and while it seems like only S/mileage are using this strategy I hope it spreads to other groups since it would be nice to see solo covers of a single for all members of H!P.

The Fukuda Kanon cover will be available on 7/16 and the Wada Ayaka cover will be available on 7/17.

Official S/mileage Page




3 responses

13 07 2011

Morning Musume dis this for Kimagure Princess as well I believe.

Great way to appeal to the collectors.

13 07 2011

They did but it was more of an insert where you can change the cover more than a complete single ^o^;;;

It is certainly a perfect way to appeal to fans who love to collect each edition of the single, and with 8 versions of the single so far (4 normal+4 member editions) it seems like there will be quite a lot to buy ^_^

27 07 2011

wow! I surprised with the ideas o_o
how cool XD
so.. just who attend the event will gets this single ? :(
I can’t join DX

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