Solo Performances For H!P 2011 Summer First Two Days Announced

12 07 2011

The solo performances for H!P’s 2011 summer concert titled  Hello! Project 2011 Summer ~Nipon no Mirai wa WOW WOW Live~ and Hello! Project 2011 Summer ~Nipon no Mirai wa YEAH YEAH Live~ has been released.

So far only the first two days have the soloist announced. More will follow since there are a lot of performances. For now here’s the list:

I’ve never seen an announcement like this before. Usually we find out what the setlist is like until fans who attended post it. We still don’t know too much about the setlist but we do know for sure that there are solos.

This concert feels like one of the most exciting one from H!P however I would’ve liked to see some different artists for some of the different days. One for example would be 7/16 18:30 with the them “cute” and “energy”, I would’ve liked to see Momo switch with Miyabi for that day since Momo has a more cute character and she’s always full of energy. Miyabi fits that day as well but I think Momo would’ve fit those themes better.

Regardless of that whatever the theme is for the concert I’m sure whoever is doing the solo for that day will do their best and it will be an amazing performance.

I really hope some pictures/previews are released for this concert since I’m really excited for it. Hopefully all who attend will enjoy themselves.

The first concert date is on 7/16.

H!P 2011 Summer Official Site Page




7 responses

12 07 2011
Mariane ラン❤海飛 Cryssa

so, no Maimai solo for the tour? :(

12 07 2011

She’ll have one, I’m sure of it. I believe there are about 12 concert performances and if 3 members perform at each one, all H!P members will be featured atleast once.

These are the first dates in the tour and I’m sure as the other concerts get closer they’ll release more info and Maimai will appear on it. :)

13 07 2011
Mariane ラン❤海飛 Cryssa

Oh I see.. THANKS! I’ll be looking forward to it!

12 07 2011

I do not approve of some of these @__@ Oh well. I hope everyone really does get a solo, and I hope we get more appropriate girls for the sexy category next time xDDD I love Momo and Dawa, but they are just not what comes to mind when I think of “sexy.”

13 07 2011

Lol in my Opinion, Niigaki and Miyabi should be in sexy and DAWA and Momo should be in cute. Reina should also be in sey and Mano should be in Party. This is also the last Hello!Project joined concert than Ai-san will be in, you guys. If you think about it, she won’t be at the winter one. She graduating in the fall.

13 07 2011

Where’s Risako? :(

14 07 2011

She won’t be performing on 7/16 or 7/17 as a soloist. The info above is only for those two dates because they’re the first of the tour. I’m sure she’ll have another day and when that is released we’ll keep you updated ^_^

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