New Profile Picture For Buono’s “partenza”

12 07 2011

A new artist profile picture for Buono’s 1st mini album titled partenza has been released on the Sony Music shop site.

The profile pic hasn’t been confirmed to be for the new album but it’s pretty safe to say that it is since we haven’t seen these outfits, and like many fans I am very impressed with these new outfits since each member has their own theme that fits them perfectly.

Momo has a more casual black top with her hair in a great hairstyle that looks perfect on her, while Airi has a jean jacket and what appears to be a bandana in her hair and lastly Miyabi has a cute white vest with a similar bandana on her hair as a bow, and while there are a few things that I didn’t like quite as much I can agree with everyone that these are amazing outfits for their new mini album.

I’m glad to see Momo has changed her hairstyle since it seems like her trademark style is a natural cute short style, but with this style she seems a bit more mature and with her black top and accessories she seems like a new Momo, and I’m really happy to see that they decided to use this look for her since she looks great.

Since their last single featured a lot of jean accessories I wasn’t to glad to see Airi with a jean jacket for this release, but I have to admit that it looks pretty cool on her since the bright gems and the dark color make it look great. Miya also has been wearing bows for many releases so I’m not that quite fond of her having yet another giant bow since it seems to distract a bit too much from her cute look, but despite that the rest of her outfit fits her perfectly.

The outfits are overall perfect since they have a cute and unique look for each member and while the shots for the group are only from the waist up we will most likely find out soon how the rest of their outfits look, but for now I love how great they all look since they seem to each have a cool, cute or more mature style that fits each member really well.

We should see individual shots for each member in the next few weeks but meanwhile I hope fans have their copy of the mini-album reserved since this release looks great so far.

The release date is set for 8/10.

Sony Music Shop Site



8 responses

12 07 2011

What’s with the Skull Thing? IIRC the skull on Airi’s shirt looks exactly the same as the skull on Momo’s Shirt on RE:Buono!. Also on RnB3 they are wearing this armbands with a skull logo. Which then also brings Berryz who also uses a Skull as logo for every FC events they do.

12 07 2011

Buono! is supposed to have a rocker image and skulls are sort of a rocker thing. Idk for Berryz, never understood that one. I guess you could call them somewhat of the rebel group among the H!P groups.

12 07 2011

By the way, according to H!P Official website . Buono!’s Partenza will have different bonuses depending on which store you will buy it. From L Photos, trading cards and up to B2 Size Poster.

12 07 2011

I’m pretty sure Airi’s jacket is leather, not denim~ :)
As always, thanks a bundle for your quick updates and great reviews; Sayunii is always the first site I check for H!P news~ x3

12 07 2011

Thanks for pointing that out, I had no idea that was leather ^_^;;;;

Thank you for your support! ^o^

12 07 2011

Awesome Miya hair is awesome.

12 07 2011

love miyabi’s bow. and momo looks as cute as always.

13 07 2011

Those outfits are kinda refreshing xD They look so random,I don’t think Buono! ever tried something like this,but they suit them really well.I like the fact that each one has a different outfit and they don’t look similar at all.BTW,LOVE Momo’s hairstyle,Airi’s jacket and Miya’s giant bow :)

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