New Details About A S/mileage Auditioner Released

11 07 2011

New details about a S/mileage auditioner, specifically #801 better known as Ribbon girl, have been released.

While we aren’t even sure if she did make it through to the 3rd round I decided to do a quick post with some new info that has been released about her since it seems like all S/mileage fans should know a bit more about her background, all info was gathered from Amped @ JPLOP so a big thank you to him!

Starting off her name is Itou Chiyuri and she’s 13 years old, and recently she appeared in another audition for an EXILE related group called VBA (at 6:09 where she appears with her mom) where she went through rigorous training:

Video uploaded by: hpnskryr

Apart from appearing at another audition it seems that fans found out that she is also involved with another group, specifically a group currently releasing singles.

The group in question is DELUXE COLORS!, and it’s a group under AVEX Artist academy and so far they have released one single titled appearance with another 2nd single titled Egao no Shirushi that features a collaboration with the 12 member deluxe colors group and 7 other artists set for release on 7/20.

Here’s a PV for the group:

Video uploaded by: DELUXECOLORSch

What set off the biggest flag about her was that she did a blog post a few days before appearing at the S/mileage audition and in that post she is wearing the same outfit she wore for the audition:

So far it seems like she would be disqualified since she appears to be part of AVEX (auditioners can’t have a contract with another company, as mentioned in the rules), but it seems that the AVEX Artist Academy is just a music school opened up in 2002 which means that technically she might not even be part of AVEX at all since she is a student at that school and doesn’t appear to be in any particular contract (she might be but we don’t know for sure).

Which means that she’s most likely similar to Sayashi Riho, who was part of a similar school where she performed, and while she might not even make it to the 3rd round (which is highly unlikely since she is very talented) I am very impressed with her performances that I have seen.

From the PV we can tell that she has a great voice (not perfect but still pretty good) and since she is among the only 3 girls that sing it is fairly obvious that she is pretty good at performing, which would mean a very big advantage for her since she doesn’t have to spend that much time getting used to singing and performing for a crowd.

For now it’s unclear whether she will make it to the 3rd round, but from her cuteness and talent I will be rooting for her to reach the finals since she and #13 Tamura Meimi (who appeared in the Shugo Chara musical) seem to be pretty good performers and since they already have previous experience they seem to be a step ahead of the others, probably even some of the Eggs.

Hopefully we get to see the 3rd round on Youtube or Hello! Pro Time to find out for sure who will be among the finalists, and even though Tsunku hasn’t announced how many members will join S/mileage it will be fun to see what he decides to do since there are many talented girls who appeared in the audition, although it seems like the main competition will be among Itou, Tamura, and Karin.

Avex Artist Academy Site

Deluxe Colors Profile

Deluxe Colors Blog Post




12 responses

11 07 2011

Going from Avex (even if it’s only training) to H!P instead of the other way around? Would be nice for a change.

11 07 2011

That would be interesting to see since AVEX seems to have somewhat better training for their idols, so if she passes Itou will have a big advantage over the other members ^_^

11 07 2011

Now that you mention it,it’s pretty weird but cool at the same time xD

11 07 2011

i should receive some partial credit for digging info about chiyuri, copy and pasting almost word for word post and the audition video

“Starting off her name is Itou Chiyuri and she’s 13 years old, and recently she appeared in another audition for an EXILE related group called VBA (at 6:09 where she appears with her mom) where she went through rigorous training”


11 07 2011

Sorry I forgot to give you credit for the info ^_^;;;

I got all of the info from your posts so I gave you full credit ^_^
Thanks for reminding me! ^o^

11 07 2011
Sei Yamakiri

I LOVE Chiyuri but I really did NOT like Meimi AT ALL. Karin is a favorite of mine, and Aina is too, actually. I’d definitely like to see UFA take an idol away from Avex for ONCE though. =P So my number one is Chiyuri, number two is Karin, and number three is Aina. Meimi doesn’t even place since I didn’t like her. Sorry fans, I just did NOT like her. And I’m a Shugo Chara fan, and I enjoyed the musical, so I’m not hating on her for that. I just didn’t like her, and I’m entitled. But I LOVE Chiyuri so I REALLY hope she gets in. Because I like her, she’s TALENTED, and because UFA needs to get back at Avex. XD

11 07 2011

I liked her from the start xD When I saw her,I thought she has that cuteness and energy which makes her stand out :) She is also very talented,I would be disappointed if she doesn’t make it in the 3rd round.

11 07 2011

Am I the only one who don’t really like her? :D
Well, I don’t know, I have to admit, that she is really talented, but there’s something in her that I don’t really like.
But my opinion might change later. ^^
(sry my bad english)

11 07 2011

Don’t worry you aren’t the only one that doesn’t like her since there are many fans who picked other favorites, like Mogi, Karin, etc ^_^
I like her since she has already performed and is really comfortable singing in front of cameras and public, but everyone has a different opinion ^o^

11 07 2011

She’s good in my book.
If her and Karin get in, I’ll have less of a problem with these auditions then I already have.

11 07 2011

i think she’s perfect for s/mileage!!
She looks like she would fit in soo well with the group and i thought that when i first saw her during the audition.
Im pretty sure that UFA and tsunku will put her through to the 3rd round (unless she’s disqualified but im pretty sure she wouldn’t of auditioned anyway if she was already apart of AVEX)but i’m excited to see what else she has in store.
It might be good to have a more experianced girl in s/mileage to help the other new member/s. I mean, Riho in morning musume seems to be doing well! :)

11 07 2011
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