Kikkawa Yuu’s 2nd Single Confirmed

10 07 2011

Kikkawa Yuu’s 2nd single titled Hapirapi~Sunrise~ has been confirmed by Universal Japan’s Twitter account.

The single will also be the theme song for Nihon TV Shiodome Fair 2011.

A few days ago we mentioned the new song that Kikka had announced on her blog and we had no clear idea if it was her new single, but now we have a confirmation from Universal so that pretty much means that we can expect to see many more Kikka releases in the future, which is great news for everyone.

Not only did we get a simple confirmation but also an announcement that the song would be the theme song for a fair, which is a pretty big step since not many idols get to release theme songs for events with their 2nd single, and while we haven’t heard any preview at all it seems that Universal is pretty confident about her new single so we can most likely expect a great release.

For now we have the title but apart from that not much else since we don’t even know when the release will be available, but we will most likely get that alongside a tracklist and other info in the next few weeks.

The release date hasn’t been announced.

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2 responses

10 07 2011

Great promo right off the bat! Hoping she breaks the 20000 barrier this time.

11 07 2011

Oh good, she’s got a new single. Maybe they’ll release this one on iTunes.

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