Kikkawa Yuu’s 1st PB Confirmed and Solo DVD Cover Released

10 07 2011

Kikkawa Yuu’s 1st PB titled YOU! has been confirmed. It will be released the same day as her DVD.

Along with the confirmation of the PB the cover for the DVD, titled YOU! ~THE DVD~ was also released.

This was confirmed by Universal Japan’s Twitter account:

Information about her first DVD was released earlier today but I didn’t expect to see any more info for a few days about it, but I am surprised to see that her 1st PB has also been confirmed along with the cover of her DVD since it usually takes a while until we see them, but I am glad that they did since it gives Kikka fans a chance to check out the release.

The title for her two releases are somewhat unique since they used the YOU! from her name for both, and while it might not be that creative it is still pretty cute since it shows off her cute energy as a brand new solo artist.

Apart from the names we also got a small preview of the cover for her DVD and it features Kikka sitting on the grass with a cute pose and smile, and while it might be simple it is still very impressive since we get to see her in a more relaxed pose with more casual clothes, although I hope the PB cover has a different style for its cover.

For now this seems like a perfect release for Kikka since a PB and DVD is a great start for any idol’s career and from what I can tell they are doing a perfect job so far with it since they have a cute cover and interesting, although not creative, titles.

Hopefully we get a preview in the next few weeks for the cover of the PB as well as a few shots since the release date is about a month away.

The release date for her PB and DVD are set for 8/17.

Kikkawa Yuu Page For DVD and PB

Thanks to phoenixMM for the link!




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