Kikkawa Yuu 1st Solo DVD Announced

10 07 2011

The first solo DVD for Kikkawa Yuu currently untitled has been announced.

I have to say that I was a little bit surprised when I read the news since Kikka didn’t have that many activities or appearances since the release of her 1st single quite some time ago, but I’m very happy to see that along with the announcement of her upcoming single, many activities seem to be planned for her.

Kikka is definitely one of the most beautiful members and I’m really glad to see that she will be getting her first solo DVD since fans can enjoy a release by her, and even though it wasn’t mentioned if a PB will come along, it’s still a great news for all of her fans and for her since she will hopefully gain more attention and get more promotion.

Hopefully more details will be out soon such as the title and the cover to see what kind of theme the DVD.

The release date is set for 8/17.

Neowing page about product




9 responses

10 07 2011

I’m hoping for a PB. I only buy PB’s of girls that are 18+ so if it does happen, I’ve got the money ready :D

10 07 2011
C'est la Vie

Oh! A PB! I’m excited!

It’s almost like she’s a member of H!P XD

10 07 2011

Well the PB hasn’t been announced yet and since she’s not under H!P anymore, there might be a big chance that she doesn’t release a PB along with the DVD (H!P members get PBs with their DVDs 90% of the time but not always though).

But it’s still great that she’s getting a DVD ^^
If a mention of a PB is out, I’ll make sure to update!

10 07 2011
C'est la Vie

Well, since the description on Neowing says that it was filmed in Okinawa and that there will be swimsuit scenes, I’m just going to assume it is XD

But yeah, since she’s not in H!P it’s hard to tell. But since she’s in the same agency, most likely a PB XD

10 07 2011

a DVD about what???

10 07 2011

Solo DVD meaning a DVD usually released with a PB showing off shots of Kikka posing in different locations in many outfits ^_^

10 07 2011

Photobook will be released on the same date.
please crefer to following.

10 07 2011

Thank you, a post about the PB will be up as soon as possible ^o^

14 07 2011

I have already pre-ordered the PB, waiting for a pre-order for the DVD and also her new single ‘hapi rapi sunrise’ which is released soon too, kikka-sama <3

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