S/mileage Audition 2nd Round Live Stream Report

9 07 2011

As most of you might have already seen the 2nd round of S/mileage’s audition was aired live on Nico Nico Douga earlier today, and since some fans might have had some trouble seeing the stream or they couldn’t stay up because it was too late I decided to get as much info as possible into one post so that everyone could check it out.

I did get a chance to check out the stream (about 30 minutes in until all of them started to dance Yume Miru 15) so I have a clear idea about how it looked, but I didn’t watch all of it since it was pretty late (about 3 am where I live). Despite that I hope you enjoy the details of this post since there will be quite a lot of photos and videos showing off most, if not all, auditioners.

The post is really, really long and full of pictures and a few videos, so check it out after the break:

Starting off here is a rather large picture of all of the girls that auditioned, from what I can tell every single girl that appeared at the audition is pictured below so if you didn’t watch the stream here is a good opportunity to see all of them.

I recommend you click to see it in better detail and if you can open it up in another tab, although there are some girls that don’t have images:

Here is a very detailed report from Amped @ JPLOP, all of the info he posted was important since it summarized the entire audition so I cleaned up the details and added pictures, so a big thank you to Amped for taking the time to summarize the audition:

The video stream started with staff setting up cameras in the room for the interviews although there wasn’t that much talking between them. After 9 minutes 22 of the girls start walking in where they all say “Good morning”, after which Tsunku enters and asks them to introduce themselves one by one and do a special talent they can do, like a pose, dance, or monomane.

Uchoten LOVE plays in the background while the girls introduce themselves and there are many varieties of girls at the audition: a tall girl, someone who does cheerleading, some who do ballet, volleyball, track and field, and for the most part the talents are fairly unique.

After the introduction Tsunku moves back the tables, asks them to remove their heels or shoes, tells them to spread out and they start dancing to Yume Miru 15. Most of them know the choreagraphy although there are a few that have some trouble, are overly excited, etc.

He calls in the next group of 20 or so girls in, takes a good look at them and again asks for them to introduce themselves and their talent. #1443 knows English, there’s a girl from Hokkaido, one girl who can talk like the announcer at concerts, a girl who gives a shoulder massage to Tsunku, and a girl who can play drums and has good feet rhythm. Some girls don’t put in that much effort to their introduction although there are a few that are energetic.

They spread out and take their shoes off while Tsunku checks out their audition papers, they then dance Yume Miru 15 and after that the group is finished. There is a small break after this but the crew is back a while later without Tsunku, just managers.

Only 4 girls enter the room this time, they all have microphones and the first girl starts singing Suki-chan, they each pick a S/mileage song to sing. After a forhead check and an Ee vowel check they dance Yume Miru 15 again and leave.

The next 4 girls enter (including the tall girl from before) and pick up their mics, introduce themselves again, forehead check, voice check and the first girl starts by singing Koi no Booing Buu. The tall girl sings aMa no Jaku, #1118 sings the same song but better, after which they dance Yume Miru 15.

Next 4 girls enter, 3 of them short and one of them doesn’t look Japanese. #13 sings Ganbaranakutemo ee Nende with a lot of energy, #22 doesn’t have that much energy and stands looking around while singing, mixed girl #1139 also sings just standing there. After that they dance and like when she sang the girl has a lot of energy, although she seems to be trying to hard.

Staff are interested in #13 (the girl in the purple shirt) and they ask her many questions, all of which she responds perfectly on the spot.

Next 4 girls enter although their mics weren’t working, same process as before: forehead check, vocal check, sing, and dance.

#849 doesn’t sing good at all, #1079 has a great voice, #213 has a pretty dress but doesn’t have emotion when singing, #801 fits S/mileage nicely since she’s pretty and has a nice outfit and bow, she dances with her heels on.

Next 4 enter, same process, #1063 sings Suki-chan although she starts a bit early, #730 has tanned skin like Dawa and she has a great voice, #809 sings nicely but she messes up.

Next 4 enter, #872 sings Yume Miru 15 very quietly, #1370 sings Shortcut with good rhythm but shaky singing, #43 is ok, #718 knows what she is doing with a great smile.

Next 4 feature a surprise, #3001 is Mogi and #3002 is Miyamoto Karin.

Mogi sings Yume Miru 15 but she forgets the lyrics, although she sings nicely, while Karin sings Shortcut and aces it. #1027 is boring, #751 looks like Lin Lin but not that great.

Next 4 enter and #3003 is Katsuta Rina, and #3004 is Otsuka Aina. Rina sings Shorcut and aces it, although #864 and #1196 don’t stand out that much.

Next 4 and Takeuchi Akari and Kaneko Rie appear, Takeuchi sings Suki-chan and aces it, and Rie sings Asu wa Deeto, they both outdance the other two.

Next up #3007 Takagi Sayuki and #3008 Nagasawa Wakana. Takagi sings Bijin Mama, Wakana sings Suki-chan although the other two don’t stand out when they dance.

Next 4 and no Eggs but #1142 can do sign language and she sings Suki-chan, #857 sings Koi ni Booing Buu.

#1460 sings Yume Miru 15, she messes up slightly and asks to do it again, she does a bit better but forgets a line at the end. #1363 looks like Chinami, although she forgets the lyrics to Yume Miru 15.

After that a quick break and they put up a video asking for feedback: Was it fun or not? 56% say it was fun.

There was a total of 57,226 watchers.

Most of the Eggs appeared although it seems that Kudou Haruka and Tanabe Nanami weren’t present, but according to popular vote it seems that #13, #801, and Karin are top favorites.

Some fans discovered that the popular #13 girl is called Tamura Meimi and she appeared in the Shugo Chara! musical with Yuuka a while ago, and from what I can tell that is true since her pictures match up, so it is interesting to see that girls who appeared in musicals with other H!P members are auditioning since so far it seems that they have done really well (Sayashi Riho for example):

Here is a clip of her and #801 auditioning:

Here is a compilation video of all of the Eggs clips for those interested in seeing how they did:


So with that the post is wrapped up since that is all of the videos and photos I can find of the audition, but since most of the videos that were posted earlier were taken down I suggest you watch the few that I included as soon as possible.

As far as who my favorites are I am interested in seeing a bit more from #13, #801, and Karin since they seem to do really well. The other Eggs did an amazing job and they most likely didn’t appear in the first section of the video since Tsunku already knows how they dance, but there are a few that didn’t do as well like Mogi who seemed to have some trouble.

Fans are already choosing their favorites so hopefully everyone does so as well since it seems that the 2nd round is over, and with the news that the new member will be announced on 8/14 (according to Wada’s blog) it gives us about a month or so until we find out for sure who will join the group.

Hopefully this report was useful for many fans who couldn’t see the auditions, and while it isn’t the same as watching the stream I did my best to make sure to include every single picture and video I could find, so thank you for reading the report!




35 responses

9 07 2011

I watched most of it! After the part with the two large groups ended I left for half an hour and when I checked back after a few moments four girls came in, so I’m not sure if I missed any…but what I saw was great!

I was sad the twins weren’t there but I’m really impressed by some. Just like most, my favourites were 801, 13, and karin! As soon as I saw 801 in her cute outfit I had a good feeling, and I remember her from the first audition clip too~ I’m sure tsunku will make a good decision for S/mileage ^^

9 07 2011
Roddy Reta

Thanks for your lengthy, informative post. This is why I visit this blog on a daily basis.

Karin did a great job. She’s probably a better fit for Momusu, which could use her vocal talents.

9 07 2011

Hooray for the Eggs! =)

I hoped very much that e.g. Rie would audition because her hairstyle fits perfectly into the band, I also hoped for Akari and I have not been dissapointed.. From the video footage I liked Ainas, Karins and Akaris singing very much, also Sayukis.

From the other girls I also like #13 and #801, but #1142 also looks interesting to me :).

9 07 2011

WOW MOGI! Holy crap, that girl has improved immensely since the 9th gen auditions. I have a little hope for her! Meimi is also really great.

I hope we can find more of the audition vids…I would love to see Aina again.

9 07 2011

I also fail at looking at the videos :P

11 07 2011

Ikr!!!! Mogi during the 9th gen auditions cried and forgot the lyrics. She was WAY better this time and just shook off that she forgot the lyrics instead of crying. She looked WAY more confident. She should stay in eggs for a little longer after all she still needs some improvement.

9 07 2011

Wow!! Thanks for posting all that info. I totally forgot about it and I missed the Berryz stream too T_T. But I think it’s too early to chose a favorite for me anyways. They had about 50 people or something? That’s way too much for me to remember…

9 07 2011

No problem ^_^
I figured many people had missed the stream so I wanted to make sure everyone knew what happened ^o^

They started with hundreds of auditioners then they ended up with 50, but don’t worry since the finalists will most likely be only 5 or 6, so it will be easier to remember ^o^

9 07 2011

I think Karin,Akari, and Sayuki should pass threw the audition because they are just what hello project needs; full of potential but still good singers and dancers.

9 07 2011

And also Rina

9 07 2011

Meimi was one of the main characters for Shugo Chara musical along with Yuuka and Kanon. Wada was a back-up extra along with Saho Akari.
So..Meimi has worked with 3 of the 4 S/mileage members already.

9 07 2011

My favorites in order are #801, Sayuki, #13, Aina, and Karin.
I’m a fan of Katsuta Rina, but I don’t think she did as well :(
I thought that all the Eggs were awesome with the exception of Wakana and Mogi :( Wakana voice just didn’t seem up to par. Mogi’s voice is great, but she really doesn’t have the strength and liveliness of the other S/mileage members or any idol for that matter, and she really can’t just forget the lyrics left and right even when it’s just a couple of lines that even any fan should know by heart :/

10 07 2011

It’s not a matter of being a “true fan” (there is no such thing) when it comes to an idol audition because it’s an audition to join an idol group and debut to the world too. Same goes for Morning Musume auditions: it’s a chance to debut.
Besides, not every fan is an obsessed one and/or will memorize every single chorus out there (though I do think they should memorize the chorus of the song they’re auditioning with). And even if those types auditioned, that doesn’t mean their nerves will be strong enough to remember when necessary.
(Actually, your statement is really ignorant and elitist-sounding… please stop saying things like that.)

10 07 2011

I agree with Nina, though.

If Mogi really had the drive to be a member, she would’ve remembered a simple chorus. Do you think other girls auditioning had nerves? Uh…yeah. Did some still do their best and wrestle that quivering stomach to the ground and come out on top? Yes!

Why would they be passed up for someone who doesn’t seem to take it as seriously?

It’s not elitist at all to expect someone who wants a big debut like S/mileage to do her very best in audition. And I don’t believe that Mogi did her best.

Ribbon-chan (801) and Karin really want it–you can see it in their auditions.

10 07 2011

Yes, I understood what Nina meant.
But the elitist-sounding part came from the “even any fan should know by heart” which makes it sound like all fans have the chorus memorized. It also sounds as if she’s saying that anyone that’s a fan and doesn’t have at the chorus(-es) memorized isn’t a “true fan”, which is what I was trying to say.
But I do apologize for my poor lack of clarification, since my point was lost in either my diction or explanation itself.

And I agree that Mogi did an horrid job (worse in the auditions), seeming to have not bothered herself to memorize the words better (at least she didn’t start crying and just give up like in 9th gen MM auditions, I give her that).

10 07 2011

I’m not trying to sound elitist… or maybe I am (whatever floats your boat), but if it’s a really tough competition, there’s nothing wrong with wanting the best competitors and those who show that they want it the most to win :/
Not saying that Mogi doesn’t have potential. As of right now, she’s just not as much of a good choice as say… Karin and #801.
Just saying.
(&& this is the first time in my life I’ve been called ignorant. What a memorable moment.)

10 07 2011

The point I was trying to make was that your statement was elitist-sounding since the ” even any fan should know by heart” makes it seem that any fan that doesn’t know them an “untrue fan”. It was merely your diction that gave it the elitist-vibe, not your meaning.
Also, please do not twist words around. I said “…your statement is really ignorant and elitist-sounding… please stop saying things like that”, not “you’re ignorant and elitist”.

Again, I only referred to your statement as being “ignorant and elitist-sounding” (not you, or what you meant). The “ignorant and elitist-sounding” caused by the “even any fan should know by heart”. (And I did understand what you meant and agree that anyone auditioning [with that song] should have the chorus memorized.)
But I do apologize for that not being clearer and/or more obvious on my part, since it did lead to a misunderstanding.

9 07 2011

Thank you for the massive amount of information. Gotta say: Karin DESTROYED the competition.

10 07 2011

Karin belongs in Momusu NOT in S/mileage.
She’s the best and it shows but if they pick her for S/mileage, it’ll be a huge mistake.

10 07 2011

Please don’t start a war, here (the “Karin belongs here, not there!!” one).
Besides, the person wasn’t even saying Karin belonged in the group, just that she was the best in the audition. Again, nothing about “Karin belongs in S/mileage”.
Please, don’t feed the wars.

10 07 2011

Ahhh I was set to wake upnearly to watch
it but I missed it >.<
I watched all of the videos now though and I have to say that I'm pretty impressed with many of the appliants!

Can't pick a favorite right now since we know almost nothing about their personalities (except for the eggs), but if they're going to stick with picking 5-6 members, it would be obvious that they add #13 and #801 since they don't have to pick one of them ^^

10 07 2011

Karin is a future superstar. Put her in Momusu NOW! And you can flame me, but I love rooting for Mogi! Go Mogi Go!!

10 07 2011

Karin and Sayuki really fit S/mileage I say. Meimi’s a real cutie too! Like I said, they won’t have much trouble finding awesome girls!

10 07 2011

rooting for #3002 miyamoto karin and #801 who I liked from the beginning because she was cute!

10 07 2011

Kudou and Tanabe weren’t there because they’re too young/not in junior~senior school. Karin isn’t much older than Tanabe but is in the same grade as Zukki and Yasshi (7th).

Anyway, I’m rooting for 13, 801, 809, Karin, and Sayubee for the next round. But I wouldn’t mind seeing 213, 1370, Aina, Akari, or 1142 there, too or instead. They were the ones I felt suited the S/mileage image and were decent singers and dancers at the least; 730 and a few other really good performers just didn’t look like they had the “S/mileage vibe”. =3
But there’s also another girl who was very popular, nicknamed “Red-chan” (1063, the one wearing the Girl! Girl! Girl! shirt). Called it when she began dancing, since she was one of the best, but her singing… no, to put it nicely. Though I doubt that those supporting her mind that too much (especially since this is an idol group).

Check H!O for a torrent of the stream and H!O’s ‘S/mileage New Member Addition!’ thread for a megaupload download (page 43, there are two).

11 07 2011

Oh cause I was wondering where those two were because along with Karin they’re some of the best performers in H!P Eggs.

10 07 2011

I was really excited for 849 because she was tiny and adorable. She reminded me of MaiMai when she was that small. But I think 849 may have had the worst singing voice out of all of them :/

Another pretty one was 260. I thought she would have been good for Morning Musume because she was beautiful and had a nice voice. She was the only one wearing tights. Who wears tights to a S/mileage audition!?

I hope Karin is also going for the jyukkis audition, because I, too, think she would be better suited for Momusu. Although she would fit in well nicely with S/mileage, too. She could do anything she wants, really!

Overall, I’m with the majority of the fans that hope Tsunku picks 13 and 801. I thought they were shoe-ins.

10 07 2011
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10 07 2011

Fans on H!O found out that 801 has a contract with AVEX, and is this girl: http://tinyurl.com/ito-profile (name on site is Chiyuri Ito, but search responds to Chiaki Ito). She can be seen wearing the clothes for the audition, minus the hairstyle and red bow belt, here: http://tinyurl.com/5tvpbvd
(credit for finding and/or posting this and more goes to H!O’s Nayok-Kihara, the post: http://tinyurl.com/6gzyaq4)

10 07 2011

I saw that earlier and I was wondering whether to do a post or not since she isn’t in H!P yet but I decided to add it to this report later (although I’m still wondering if I should do a separate post), so thank you for posting the info to remind me ^_^

Itou Chiyuri is in an Avex group called deluxe colors and their still relatively new so I’m not sure why she decided to audition ^_^;;;;
It seems like she was planning on leaving the group or she maybe wondered if she could be in two without many people finding out but 2ch are really good at finding out info about the audition girls, for example the girl who appeared at the Shugo chara musical so she didn’t have that much of a chance of going undetected.

Their going to release a 2nd single in about 10 days so if she appears on that single then it’s safe to say that she will have a lot of trouble with AVEX or H!P since H!P doesn’t allow people with an established contract to enter since they might cause a contract conflict between the two companies (who gets the money when she performs etc), so it’s safe to say that this will probably be the last we see of her in H!P unfortunately -_-

10 07 2011
Amanda Donaldson

Holy crap, number 13 was amazing! If she doesn’t get in, I”ll lose faith in Tsunku

10 07 2011

Karin was amazing :O is it just me or does she have a bit of vibrato?
and i really like ribbon-chan too :P
but frankly i don’t see the hype in no 13. she sounds like an even higher pitched rika ._. but she’s cute and has great persona so she’ll be a tough competitor

11 07 2011

Dear Tsunku,

12 07 2011

Hey, my videos! I was wondering why I’d have over 6,000 hits in 4 days on a videos that are unlisted and were only posted to a few threads on the H!O forums, now I know. No worries, as long as UFA doesn’t try to assassinate me I’m fine with people reposting the videos elsewhere.

As much as I was against the who auditions I really do think there were some great picks that would be perfect for S/mileage.

12 07 2011

I’m sorry I didn’t ask for permission before but thank you very much for uploading them! ^_^
They are also posted on many more forums so that’s most likely why they are so many views ^o^;;;

There are many choices so it will be fun to see who Tsunku picks since there are many who would make perfect members ^_^

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