Buono! Will Be In A Movie Titled “Gomennasai”

9 07 2011

Buono will be in a movie currently titled “Gomennasai”

With all the movies currently featuring H!P members this one should be no surprise. For Airi this will probably be a very busy year for her since she released quite a few photobooks and DVDs, she’ll be starring in another movie and she also has other work to do as a member of C-ute and Buono. Hopefully it won’t be too much for her but I’m looking forward to this movie.

Buono is one of my favorite groups so I’m excited for this movie. They will also be performing the theme song for the movie so I’m taking it as a hint for the 13th single. That isn’t confirmed however since the theme song is untitled I’m hoping for another single.

According to the articles regarding the announcement it seems like Buono will be playing high school students and the translation is bad but it looks like the movie is about a curse and there’s also some mention of harassment and high school fears. I’m not too surprised that it’s a  thriller/horror movie and it would make sense for that since a majority of movies with H!P members so far have been that genre.

Hopefully everyone will watch the movie when it’s released, even though I’m not a fan of horror/thrillers I’ll be sure to watch this since Buono is in it.

The release date is set for this Fall.

Sanspo Article

Eiga Article




6 responses

9 07 2011

Definitely cannot wait for this to release! It’s going to be awesomeee!

9 07 2011

OMG I can’t believe!It’s one of my dreams to see the 3 of them in a movie!O_O I can’t wait,I want to see it right now!I also want to hear the theme song :D

10 07 2011

YEAHR! So cool ^-^
Do you think I could watch it anywhere online?

10 07 2011

When it’s released I’m sure someone will post it online for others, however it probably won’t be subbed right away.

12 07 2011

When is it set to come out?

12 07 2011

For now we only know it will be released in 2011, but a set date hasn’t been released ^_^
I’ll keep you updated as soon as I find out ^o^

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