Shuukan Yoro! Vol 99

8 07 2011

Summary: Here’s a summary of what this week’s Shuukan Yoro post contains:

  • Site News: New ranking system on H!P Release posts, plans for next week’s 100th Shuukan Yoro post
  • Polls: Fukumura Mizuki wins with 38%, Mitsui Aika in 2nd with 33%, and Fukuda Kanon in 3rd with 30%
  • Shuukan Yoro: Hagiwara Mai’s 5th episode featuring un-aired footage

Check out the full post after the break!

Site News: A few updates about the H!P Releases posts, first, and most important of all, I wanted to mention that instead of only featuring reviews by me for each one of the goods there will also be reviews by Ayuchii and ladylibra92 who will provide their own look at releases from time to time.

This means that you can expect to see many different views for a particular item, and since there is complete freedom to review whatever we want there might even be 2 or more reviews for each item, which will be a good way to give you a fairly complete review of each release.

Since I skipped posts in the past due to lack of time this will ensure that there will be posts for most of the releases, and apart from giving fans a more complete look at the goods it will also be a good way to read different views on a particular good, so a big thank you to Ayuchii and ladylibra92 for their help with these posts.

Second, as most of you might have noticed in this week’s H!P Releases post the site has debuted a new ranking system for use in those posts which shows off a clear idea about what we thought on each item, and the inspiration for this came from many review sites which featured a similar system. Since I want to give H!P fans a complete look at H!P goods I decided to use a similar system for the site and for the most part I think that the system I designed works well, here is a closer look at it:

As you can tell there are 5 rankings: Excellent, Good, Average, Poor, and Bad with a similar 8-bit theme as the Upcoming Releases section and apart from showing my temporary obsession with 8-bit styles it should give everyone a clear look at the ranking we decide each release deserves.

Along with that a short list of pros and cons summarizing each review will be included in most posts so that the most important points of our decision are summarized, but there might be occasions where they aren’t included.

For the most part I think it’s a great way for the posts to become a more solid and regular part of the site, and with three different authors involved in the posts it will give everyone a very clear idea about a release so hopefully everyone likes the new system.

Just for reference, the rankings are only our personal opinions so they are not the solid truth if a release is good or not since everyone has a different opinion. Please feel free to discuss why that release should have received a higher or lower score in the comments for the H!P Releases posts!

Since next week will be the 100th Shuukan Yoro post I have decided to show off a small surprise for next week, it’s nothing major (that’s reserved for the next few months) but it will be a pretty good surprise for fans of older generations. I also have another plan in mind and if I get around to it I might get it done on time for next week, but for the most part there is at least one surprise ready.

So hopefully everyone likes the new ranking system since it will be a regular part of the H!P Releases posts, and while the H!P Releases posts have been somewhat of an extra alongside the regular posts I want to make sure that they become a regular and important part of the site since it’s a perfect way to keep H!P fans updated about everything H!P.

Polls: The winner for this poll was Fukumura Mizuki with 396 votes (38%), congratulations Mizuki! Mitsui Aika came in second with 344 votes (33%), and Fukuda Kanon came in third with 313 votes (30%).

There was a total of 1,053 votes for this poll.

Congratulations Mizuki!

Momusu’s 9th generation has been on a roll lately since so far all of them have been members of the week at least once, and considering they have been in the group for only about half a year it’s a pretty impressive feat since there are members of some groups that haven’t had a chance to appear even once, so I’m very happy to see that Mizuki has won this week’s poll since she is officially the fourth member from the 9th gen to appear as member of the week!

I love when polls have fairly close results since it’s exciting to see how the rankings can change so easily since there have been times where literally one vote could have changed the ranking completely, and while the results weren’t that close in this poll all of the members did get an fairly similar average amount of votes which is a great sign that they all have a fairly strong fanbase.

Mitsui did appear in first a few times during the week but Mizuki kept her lead for most of the week, and while Kanon came in third she did get a fairly close result to Mitsui’s, but since there can only be one winner I wish the best of luck to Mitsui and Kanon in their next polls and a big congratulations to Mizuki!

Next poll will feature Suzuki Kanon, Sudou Maasa, and Mano Erina and while Kanon might have a slight advantage because she has won over other fairly strong members it will be fun to see how the poll turns out. I had a hard time choosing between her and Mano (in the end I decided to choose Kanon since I usually always vote for Mano, sorry Mano-chan) so hopefully you don’t have that much trouble choosing your favorite.

Just a reminder for those who don’t vote: If you do have a chance please vote since it only takes two clicks and you help your favorite member appear as member of the week!

To make it easier for fans I will provide the direct link to the poll HERE.

Please vote!

Shuukan Yoro: It’s the 5th day of Hagiwara Mai’s week about “Yorosen”.

Today the theme for the show is “Unaired Footage” and as the theme suggests we will get a chance to check out a few scenes that didn’t air during some of the member’s week, and starting off we get to see footage from Mitsui’s visit to the pet store.

There are many scenes featuring cute puppies so if you love to see cute dogs then Mitsui’s section will be a must see. After that we get to see some footage from Sayu’s ride on a train where she tries to talk to a kid, but unfortunately she’s ignored, and while it might be somewhat short it is still a fun look at Sayu trying to get the kids attention.

So with this episode Yorosen is finally completed! It took a while but all 120 episodes have been featured on the site, and while there was a slight problem about a half year ago with the episodes (where all 120 I uploaded were taken down by Youtube) we have completed the series so fans who hadn’t seen it could enjoy it.

It took quite a bit of effort but I’m glad to have given fans a chance to check out this great series since it seems that H!P shows seem to be paid less attention than they deserve, and while a few fans might always compare any new show to Hello! Morning I prefer to judge each show separately since they each have their own look and theme which is worth a look.

I loved Yorosen so I’m glad to have gotten a chance to show all of the series to fans, so thank you to everyone who checked out the episodes each week!

As I mentioned before the Yorosen section of this weekly post will be on standby while I prepare everything for the second version, so while I might not feature H!P episodes just yet I can guarantee that I will fill this section with something else meanwhile, but exactly what will be something you will have to wait and see.

I expect to have everything ready pretty soon, about a month or so, since I have to convert all of the videos I have into smaller, more Youtube friendly videos and while there will be some videos that will probably be taken down fast (since Utaban and other shows haven’t lived long on Youtube) I will do my best to make sure they appear enough time for fans to enjoy.

For now enjoy this last episode of Yorosen, and while next weeks video cannot compare to an H!P show I hope it can at least fill the void while I prepare everything.




8 responses

8 07 2011

last week’s poll was kinda close when i look at the results but I’m glad Mizuki pulled through. Also I’m pretty sure 9th gen is getting a lot of votes since they’re the newest craze for H!P at the moment. I’m pretty sure once 10th gen and S/mileage’s new members start hitting the poll we’ll probably see some interesting results.

9 07 2011

Do you want to post Hello!Pro Time next week? I can Sub for you ^^

9 07 2011

This is a great idea! I love Hello!Pro time :D

9 07 2011

Sure, if it’s no trouble I would be glad to show off Hello! Pro Time ^_^

11 07 2011

Can you wait for like two or more weeks? Im on a vacation and until I get home, I cant sub ^_^ sorry…

11 07 2011

Sorry I just woke up XD

Sure no problem ^_^
I found some three episodes of the show that were subbed, specifically episodes 1, 2, and 5, so that along with Mai’s subbed week will be enough to wait until you can sub ^_^

Thank you again for offering your help! ^o^

9 07 2011

Big news, Mai’s unbroadcasted week of Yorosen English lessons has just been subbed. This only appeared on the DVD.

9 07 2011

Wow this is convenient, the day I complete the series the unaired episodes are released XD
The video is 30 minutes long so it should take a while to see, but I’ll see what I can do ^o^

Thank you for the link! ^o^

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