New Kikkawa Yuu Song “Hapirapi~Sunrise~” Announced

8 07 2011

According to a recent mail by Kikkawa Yuu she has just performed a new song titled Hapirapi~Sunrise~ on Thrusday’s Sataten recording.

Here is the full mail:













It has been quite a while since the release of her debut single so a mention of a new song is a great thing for Kikka fans since that means that her next release is already being planned, and while it might be a bit too early to say for sure whether or not this is her second single, a new song mention in a mail is a sure sign that Kikka will once again release new material.

The mail she sent doesn’t say much about the new song apart from: The song is refreshing and very morning-idol-like! (translation by Sohee @JPLOP), which could refer to anything. She also mentions that she will inform us about the release date and other stuff later so it’s great to see that there are at least plans to release this new song for sure.

Hopefully in the next few weeks she releases new info about this new song since the title is pretty cute, and while her previous single leaned towards a more traditional idol sound it will be fun to see if she goes for a more brighter and upbeat sound with this release.

The release date hasn’t been announced.




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8 07 2011


8 07 2011
C'est la Vie

I thought she was getting a new single soon!

It may be too soon to test this hypothesis, but I think UFA is alternating Kikka and Mano releases… Mano hadn’t released anything in a while during the time of Kikka’s debut (and then the earthquake which pushed Kikka’s debut further), and then released “My Days for You” after “Kikkake wa YOU”. Now “My Days for You” is charted and Kikka comes out with a new single! Usually Mano’s singles had come out as fast as the rest of H!P’s groups are doing, but now they’re slowing down… I feel this might be the reason.

8 07 2011

You might be right since Mano and Kikka have been appearing more frequently together for promotion (their recent TV appearance, and a planned radio appearance with Berryz), so UFA might be alternating their releases, but I’m not sure if UFA has that much control over Kikka since she is part of the Universal label.

If they are I am glad to see that they are focusing on providing a good release for each instead of pushing two releases at the time, although I hope we get to see a big improvement in promotion for both since they have a lot of potential ^o^

8 07 2011

I was just thinking about how she needed to release a new single. Hopfully this is it~

8 07 2011

yay for another kikka single!! I only liked the b-sides on her last single so hopefully this one is better

9 07 2011

Yay!I really like her voice and I like the previous single.I can’t wait to hear this one ^_^

9 07 2011

In her mail,”きのう朝顔1号を連れて、NHK名~”..what is”朝顔1号(Asagao ichigou)”?Her dog’s name? I’ve visited to her blog,and found this is “morning glory”‘s name that she now glows.—P.S.昨日の新幹線移動で、朝顔1号骨折なう。=Asagao ‘s bone was broken in Shinkansen train.
She always brings her morning glory flower to various places, rare
and very gentle lady.I like kikkawa.

9 07 2011

its gonna be her 2nd single right?

9 07 2011
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