More Footage From 1st Screening of S/mileage’s New Member Audition Released

8 07 2011

More footage from the 1st screening of S/mileage’s new member audition has been released on the official S/mileage Youtube channel.

As most fans might remember we got to see footage from the 1st screening a few weeks ago so it’s great to see that they posted another video since we can find out how a few more auditioners look, and while the footage is relatively short it still gives us a good look at the process.

From the almost 2 minutes of auditioner footage on the video I couldn’t really see any that stood out but there were a few that did show off quite a lot of energy, like 1050 who we saw get a forehead check (most likely to see how they look without bangs) as well as 1430 who talked naturally to the camera or the girl with a dark blue sweater and long hair who said she loved S/mileage.

Apart from that we also get to see Tsunku’s new hair and how he judges the auditioners (with footage from a DVD player held up by a gnome on a widescreen TV), and it’s fairly interesting to say the least since he watches footage from them and he writes comments on the papers he has which feature their pictures, and while it might have been relatively short it was fun to see how he judges since he does a good job of checking each girl thoroughly to make sure they are good S/mileage members, so I’m confident that he will pick a perfect member.

Apart from the first two minutes the rest is just another Q&A with Tsunku so it’s safe to skip that part if you don’t understand it, but this video should show off how the 1st screening went, and while it’s a long shot it will be fun to see if any of the girls that appeared on this or the first video make it to the second round since only 50 girls were supposedly picked for the second round.

The second round will air in about 9 hours so hopefully everyone checks it out on Nico Nico Douga.

Nico Nico Douga Link For 2nd Screening (starts at 13:00 JST)

Video uploaded by: smileagechannel




10 responses

8 07 2011

Wow. Awesome. But when will we know about the winner(s)? Are they announced on some concerts like in the Morning Musume auditions? I can´t wait and I really want to her them singing!! :O

8 07 2011

According to Wada’s blog the new member will be announced to them at the end of the Summer hello concert tour on 8/14, so probably around then ^_^;;

I’m not sure if it will be just to them or if it will be like Momusu’s 9th gen where everyone (fans and members) found out at the spot, so we will have to wait and see ^o^

8 07 2011

So many thanks! ^o^
The only thing that is still a bit bad is that I can´t understand the text taht Tsunku sais always in the endings (interview). I think it is quite interesting, but I cannot read and it annoys XC

8 07 2011

Sorry..I did a mistake and I am correcting it:

I can´t wait and I really want to hear* them singing!!

8 07 2011

“Apart from that we also get to see Tsunku’s new hair and how he judges the auditioners (with footage from a DVD player held up by a gnome on a widescreen TV)”

The details this blog goes into :D

8 07 2011

Well the gnome did seem out of place, and Tsunku’s new perm did complete the picture pretty well XD

8 07 2011

I liked 1050 she was cute :) Tsunku’s new hair is interesting :P

8 07 2011

I think the same, but we haven´t heard them singing so I am a bit dissapointed :(

8 07 2011

well this is freakin annoying stay up and I can’t watch the broadcast because I don’t have an account!

9 07 2011

Why didn’t you get one? It only takes a few minutes to set up.

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