Tsunku’s “Minna no Rhythm Tengoku” Wii Game Announced

7 07 2011

A new Nintendo Wii game by Tsunku and TNX titled Minna no Rhythm Tengoku has been announced.

As you might remember Tsunku ventured into video games a few years ago with the release of a fun rhythm based DS game titled Rhythm Tengoku or Rhythm Heaven as it was known in the US and while there wasn’t that much hype at first it was really well received since it had a unique concept that many gamers around the world enjoyed (most reviews I have seen are very positive and it even had an arcade release in Japan).

I am a really big fan of rhythm and music games so I’m looking forward to seeing this game since I already had a chance to play a demo of the previous DS version a few years ago and it was without a doubt one of the best games I have played since it manages to feature a similar system to Dance Dance Revolution where players match actions to the beat but in a unique way based on mini-games where gamers have to follow the beat of the song in order to do certain actions.

The official site features many videos with various scenes from the game, such as the player controlling a fork while catching peas or hitting a golf ball tossed by a monkey, which should give everyone an idea about how the game is played (simply press the button to the rhythm) and while it doesn’t seem to use the gesture control of the controller it looks like a very polished game with many fun games.

Apart from 1 player games we also get to see some interesting 2 player games which so far look amazing since they manage to incorporate the concept of the game for many players.

Tsunku continues to amaze us with his many projects alongside H!P and this game is a good example of that since I wouldn’t have expected to see him continue to work on video games apart from directing movies, producing TNX and H!P, along with all of the other work he has but fans of rhythm and music games will love this game for sure.

So far only the release date for Japan has been announced, but the game will be released this year worldwide so hopefully and fans who liked the DS game take a look at this interesting game.

The release date is set for 7/21.

Official Minna no Rhythm Tengoku Site

EDIT: Thanks to Mint for posting about this!

According to a post from the Amazon page for the soundtrack of the game Minna no Rhythm Tengoku will feature songs from many Nice Girl artists such as THE Possible, Canary Club, Ogawa Mana and (Kurei) Soshi.

It’s great to see that Tsunku has incorporated music from his own company since it gives each group a bit more exposure worldwide, and with a fun and interesting game like this it will be interesting to see how their songs are used in the game

The soundtrack for the game will be released on 8/24.




2 responses

7 07 2011

NICE GIRL Project! groups THE Possible and Canary Club as well as soloist Ogawa Mana are going to have new songs in this game, and the soundtrack will be released on August 24th. :D

8 07 2011

Thank you I just added the info to the post! ^_^

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