S/mileage – “Uchouten LOVE” Covers And Tracklists Released

7 07 2011

From left to right

Top: Limited A, Limited B, Limited C

Bottom: Limited D, Regular



1. Uchouten LOVE

2. Chu! Natsu Party

3. Uchouten LOVE (Instrumental)

Limited A


1. Uchouten LOVE

2, Jitensha chiririn

3. Uchouten LOVE (Instrumental)


Dance shot vers.

Limited B


Same as Limited A


4 lip-shot vers.

Limited C:


Same as Limited A and B


School chorus vers.

Limited D:


Same as Limited A, B and C

+ Event ticket


The covers and tracklists for S/mileage’s 6th single titled Uchouten LOVE have been released.

The covers and tracklist were both released thanks to a special promotion that Pony Canyon is doing, which is a special Box-set containing all 5 versions of the single in one single packaged-box that will contain a special ticket to have a 5shot picture (fan+S/mileage) for their last days as a 4nin group, which is a very special occasion.

Overall, even if the covers are really small, we can still clearly see the themes used in all of them and from the overall look, I have to say that I’m simply impressed with how well they all turned out to be since they each have a unique theme that S/mileage is known for with a special touch in each one.

The regular cover which is on the bottom right is one of my favorites since it has a very nice feature of the girls sitting on a bench in their colorful outfits while showing off their marketing mark, their legs, in cute poses while throwing their hands in the air, and I love it’s simplicity and the fact that it is awesome for a regular edition’s cover.

The Limited A edition is one of the most unique covers I have seen since we see S/mileage in their colorful outfits in a school room, posing against a chalk board filled with inscriptions on it (probably done by the girls), and their carefree poses add to the cuteness of the cover, specially with Saki and Kanon standing on the desks and chairs.

The Limited B edition features a close-up of the girls in their regular line-up against an orange background and some colorful additions on the border, and even though it’s not clear what it is, it seems really cute and matched their outfits and look.

The Limited C cover also shows us a close-up of the girls, but posing in different ways, positionned in a “corner-like” standard since each girl fits in a corner of the cover, and even though I dislike the fact that Kanon and Sakitty’s heads are flipped upside down, it’s still a nice colorful cover with cute additions to it.

The Limited D cover is really simple and is the only one with the girls wearing their alternate costumes (school uniforms), where they are calmly sitting one after the other on chairs with the board being cleaned (unlike Limited A), and I love the contrast between Limited A and D since it kind of seems like 2 different personalities that the girls might have, calm and noisy.

As for the tracklist, it’s always nice to see that they are still releasing so many variety in their singles with the 5 editions since we get to see all kind of different sides and aspects of the single, like the original song as B-side on the regular edition that fans will like to hear, as well as the re-make of Chu! Natsu Party by them, and I’m happy to see that they included the dance shot vers. as well as alternate versions of the PV in the Limited editions since it seems like a nice addition for everyone.

Overall, I really like the whole attention and promotion the single is having, as well as the effort put in the covers and tracklists since it will all combine to make a very interesting last 4nin release for S/mileage.

Hopefully everyone can purchase a copy of the single or get the special Box from Pony Canyon.

The release date is set for 8/6.

S/mileage’s official page with tracklist

Pony Canyon Shop page about Box-set with covers




10 responses

7 07 2011

These covers are glorious!

7 07 2011

I think this is the only single from S/mileage that has caught my eye. The outfits are nice and the concert rip is pretty interesting so far… Can’t wait for the PV

7 07 2011

This single will be EPIC win
Great outfits, great covers, Uchouten LOVe & Chu! Natsu Party are pretty good songs

Hope for a decent PV and a good song for Jitensha Chiririn
4-nin S/mileage <3

7 07 2011

It’s really really cute!
I wanna know how much they cost.

7 07 2011

Regular edition and Limited D both cost 1000 Yen (12$) each while Limited A,B and C cost 1600 Yen (19$) each.

The whole package is for 7500 Yen approximatively, but I think it’s only worth buying if you’re in Japan to get the ticket.

7 07 2011

much.. much.. much… better than ‘Koi ni booing bu!’
I’m gonna love this single :D

7 07 2011

NEED. THAT. BOX. I don’t care if I’m not in Japan. I want that booooooox omg.

7 07 2011

Word :P

13 07 2011

Where can I buy the box?

13 07 2011

The box is unfortunately only available in Japan where you have to buy the box and reserve a spot at the events through the site at the bottom of the post, so for now it seems that it’s not available worldwide.

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