S/mileage-2nd Audition Process Streaming On Nico Nico

7 07 2011

The S/mileage 2nd Audition Process will be streaming on Nico Nico.

So far this streaming will be the first chance fans will be introduced to the new member(s). It’s quite exciting since I’m sure everyone is curious what the new member(s) will be like and I’ve never heard of them streaming the audition process before so it’ll be interesting.

Also here is some extra information about the auditions so far:

– 2,000 participated in the selection.
– 50 passed the first round.
– It will be streamed from the interviewers angle, so we can “witness the discovery of new raw talents”.
– The second interview will consist of: Introduction, singing, forehead check, dental check, etc.
– Respect their privacy.
– No S/mileage members will appear.
– They bgm may change.
(claneksi at H!O)

While I’m not sure what they mean by “forehead check” or “bgm may change” I hope everything goes well for this audition. Hopefully everyone can watch the audition and good luck to all the members auditioning!

The streaming will be on 7/9 at 1pm JST.

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9 responses

7 07 2011

Oooh, that’s so exciting! I can’t wait to watch!

I think every member of H!P has to go through a forehead check. From the footage I’ve seen from past auditions, they just pull the girls’ bangs straight up and back and make sure they look acceptable with their hair back like that, or something XD

7 07 2011

well dont all of the H!P members have cute foreheads ? XD :p

7 07 2011

If its JST at 1:00pm, then what time will it begin at mountain time?

7 07 2011
7 07 2011

“The bgm may change”

BGM stands for “background music”. So maybe, while the participants are dancing and singing to one song, the music may suddenly change? idk. Just a guess..

7 07 2011

I was thinking it more of where they’ll be playing a constant bgm through-out, but might change the song after a while (it gets boring).
Or, similar to what you said, it’ll fade in-and-out between hearing the participant/crowd and the bgm.

7 07 2011

The forehead check is them pulling back bangs/fringe to make sure their skin is clear or something that.
I think BGM means they might add music to the broadcast, but it’s not actually there? I don’t think they would do an overlay of the audition parts of the girls if they will perform though. o-o

8 07 2011

oo god… middle of the night where im from…
guess im staying up really late that night!

8 07 2011
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