HANGRY&ANGRY – “Reconquista” Tracklist Released

7 07 2011

  1. Reconquista
  2. Renai Revolution 21 (H&A ver.)
  3. Sadistic Dance (Remix ver.)

The tracklist for the CD release of HANGRY&ANGRY’s new single titled Reconquista has been released.

The song has already been released on iTunes along with the PV so info about the CD release was expected to be released soon, and I’m glad to see that it did since the full CD release features a great tracklist with many interesting titles.

Apart from the main track we also get to see yet another cover of an H!P song, this time Renai Revolution 21 and since we already saw The Peace! as an included track in their previous album it will be interesting to see what kind of instrumental the song will have since they did an amazing job with The Peace.

We will also get to see a remix of Sadistic Dance which will most likely be fun to hear since their remixes have been pretty impressive, and since the song already has quite a lot of beat it will be fun to see what kind of other effects they add to the song and how they will arrange it.

Fans who have already bought the main song on iTunes will most likely be very interested in this release so hopefully everyone can reserve their copy as soon as they can, but meanwhile I hope we get to see some previews for the tracks in the following weeks.

The release date is set for 8/10.

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5 responses

7 07 2011

hahahahaha!! la segunda cancion me gusta!! XD
even if I don’t like Renai Revolution 21 I love the versions!! AHAHAH XD ♥

8 07 2011

Renai Revolution 21?! Can’t wait!!!!!

8 07 2011

A remixed Renai Revolution 21? Hot damn, that’s great!

8 07 2011
J. Lohmeyer

Do you have a link to the ITunes page?

8 07 2011

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