Cast/Character List For “Oosama Game” Released

7 07 2011

The cast and character list for “Oosama Game” has been released. Since the list is quite long I’m only listing any H!P related parts.

Honda Chiemi: Kumai Yurina
Iwamura Ria: Suzuki Airi
Shirokawa Mami : Sugaya Risako
Maruoka Kaori: Okai Chisato
Shimizu Tomoko: Sudou Maasa
Kamoshita Akemi : Tokunaga Chinami
Imoto Yuuko: Tsugunaga Momoko
Ueda Kana: Nakajima Saki
Miyazaki Emi: Natsuyaki Miyabi
Matsumoto Masami: Shimizu Saki
Ishii Satomi: Mori Saki
Hamura Reiko: Yajima Maimi
Kanazawa Miharu: Hagiwara Mai
Eimine Yuko: Yoshizawa Hitomi
(Thanks to AiяiLovεя at H!O)

We all know that Kumai and Airi were playing as the main character and from the cast list the other members are portraying their classmates. Even though the other members aren’t the main character their names in the list is higher up than I thought so that means they’re not that much of a minor character.

I’m also surprised that Mori Saki was included in the cast list, even though she’s listed at the bottom I wasn’t expecting her to make an appearance since she wasn’t noted when the movie was first announced. Regardless of that though Mori Saki has a lot of acting experience so she’s a great addition to the movie.

Even though the movie doesn’t release until the winter I hope a preview of more promotion pictures are released soon since this is something new for everyone.

Oosama Cast List

EDIT: Here is an image from the manga featuring the characters so it should give us a good idea of how each one of the characters look:




8 responses

8 07 2011

Am I blind or something?I can’t find Shimizu Tomoko(Maasa Sudou) in the picture o.o

8 07 2011

You’re right, Shimizu Tomoko doesn’t appear in the manga character list, and neither do Yajima Maimi and Hagiwara Mai’s characters (Chii’s character has a slightly different name so it might not be her character either) ^_^;;;

It might be because the image features only one class, so they might be characters from another class, or they might be friends from another school.

We will find out soon enough what her character looks like since they will probably post previews in the next few months ^_^

9 07 2011

ah,you are right xD

8 07 2011

What is this about again?

8 07 2011

I haven’t seen a specific plot for it but from what I understand the members of the class each receive an email from someone who calls themselves the King who orders them to do stuff, which drives the class apart, I only read about 20 pages of the manga briefly so that’s as far as I have gone though ^_^;;;

They will probably use a softened plot since the manga doesn’t have an ideal idol story to it, but we’ll find out for sure when the plot for this movie is released ^_^

9 07 2011

is Honda Chiemi (Kumai-chan) a boy in Manga? or i’m just blind.

9 07 2011

Momoko’s managa character has glasses, I really hope they keep that!

19 07 2011
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