Morning Musume “Only You” Event V Details Released

6 07 2011

  1. Only You (Takahashi Ai Solo Ver.)
  2. Only You (Niigaki Risa Solo Ver.)
  3. Only You (Michishige Sayumi Solo Ver.)
  4. Only You (Tanaka Reina Solo Ver.)
  5. Only You (Mitsui Aika Solo Ver.)
  6. Only You (Fukumura Mizuki Solo Ver.)
  7. Only You (Ikuta Erina Solo Ver.)
  8. Only You (Sayashi Riho Solo Ver.)
  9. Only You (Suzuki Kanon Solo Ver.)

Details for the Event V of Morning Musume’s 46th single titled Only You have been released.

All Event V’s feature one solo version of the PV and I’m glad to see that instead of the usual close-up or dance shot version we will be able to see a solo version for each member since they usually feature more than one shots featuring only one member.

The Event V cover is pretty impressive since we get to see all of the members posing in front of a diamond background, and I’m pretty happy to see that Fukumura is also in the front row although they seem to have placed the members at random.

All of the members got quite a lot of shots in the PV but it’s always great to see a solo shot since we can find out how each one of the members acted during the other shots, and while we don’t know exactly how many shots the solo versions will have it’s safe to say that at least we will see close-up and dance shots.

Hopefully fans who go to the event for the single buy a copy of the Event V since it’s always a nice bonus for fans to get since they can enjoy solo versions of the PV for all members.

The release date is set for 7/9.

Official H!P Post About Momusu’s 46th Event V




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