H!P Releases July 6

6 07 2011

In today’s H!P Releases post there will be only one release but despite that it’s an interesting release that many fans will like since it break’s away from the traditional design for Single V’s by not including the normal version of the PV.

Most fans already have an idea about what it is, but for those who don’t know today’s release is:

  • Mano Erina – “My Days for You” Single V

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Mano Erina – “My Days for You” Single V

  1. My Days for You (Riverside Ver.)
  2. My Days for You (Bus Ver.)
  3. Making Of

The Single V for Mano Erina’s 10th single titled My Days for You.

As I mentioned above this Single V is special since instead of featuring the normal version of the PV we instead get to see the Riverside Ver that the official Youtube channel released a few weeks before the release of her single, and I really hope they continue to offer the normal PV in the versions from time to time since it gives fans a nice way of enjoying the normal version of the PV instead of only one shot.

The cover is pretty impressive since it features a great shot of Mano which feels a bit more casual than her other releases, but the simplicity of the text and the accidental (or on purpose?) glimpse at a completely different scenery at the top seem to distract from the casual look of the cover, although Mano’s expression and pose quickly make up for any defects in the cover making it a pretty impressive cover.

As for the content of the DVD  there are three videos in this release, the first of them being the Riverside Ver of the PV which features Mano walking along a river bank while people pass around her as she sings, and while many fans might have already seen it I really enjoyed this shot since it matches the song perfectly.

My Days For You (Riverside Ver.)

Video uploaded by: ManoErinaCHANNEL

I loved this shot since we get to see Mano casually walking around a river while smiling at the scenery and just enjoying her walk, and while the camera’s shakiness might have been a bit too noticeable it added a nice touch to the shot since it made it seem a bit more natural while allowing it to fit in with the song’s theme perfectly.

If you saw the first 10 seconds then that’s basically what you will see the rest of the PV since there are just a few angles and other shots apart from the occasional shot around Mano, but it was a nice touch to add to the PV and one of the most casual shots I have seen from an H!P PV.

Mano’s other two videos in this Single V aren’t on Youtube, which was expected since the official channel hasn’t even uploaded the normal version of the PV, and since she is a very underestimated singer her videos take a bit of time to be uploaded to Youtube, so for now I can’t review the other two videos.

I will instead review the original PV since I haven’t seen it completely and also because it features shots of the Bus Ver, which will technically count in some way, and while this isn’t included in this release it will give you an idea about what the Single V will contain, but I will update this post with the other two videos when they are released.

So for now, here is the normal version of the PV:

My Days for You Original PV

Video uploaded by: kentaf355

The PV features about 3 main shots: a shot of Mano on a bus, a shot of Mano walking around a city, and the shot of Mano walking along the river, and while there are just a few shots I love every second of this PV since the shots all mixed in perfectly, and with many amazing and bright shots of Mano around the city it made the song feel a bit more alive.

The main shot and a video on the Single V, the Bus Ver, is one of the most impressive shots from the PV since the camera records Mano as she sings while sitting down in a bus, and it’s a very impressive shot mainly because the sunlight and the casual setting really make her shine and appear even more beautiful, and despite only catching a few glimpses of this shot I am confident that fans will love this shot.

Another main shot of this PV features Mano walking around the city while holding a camera, and while a few shots might seem a bit too natural (like the camera shaking while the cameraman attempts to make a smooth shoot) I was impressed since there were a few scenes that came out perfect, like Mano sitting on the white structure while the camera smoothly glides from side to side or when she walks next to a structure and a few kids run in front of her, which both seemed like perfect additions.

I already talked in depth about the other shot, but the PV was one of the best I have seen from Mano since there is no single hint of studio recorded settings, instead the entire PV is made on a bus, next to a river, or while walking around some apartments, and I sincerely can’t see why they haven’t uploaded this PV since this would have made the perfect video for anyone interested in buying the single to see since it shows off an amazing theme that fits with the ballad sound of the song.

Despite not seeing all of the videos in this release we did get to see at least two of them, which is enough to make a good decision about this release, and in short I have to say that the Riverside Ver. and the Bus Ver. alone make this release a must have for Mano fans, but since there were a few things that prevented this from being a perfect release I give this Single V a rating of 4 for Good.


  • Amazing natural shots of Mano walking near a river and singing from a bus seat which fit in perfectly with the ballad theme of the song
  • A few different angles from time to time in both shots instead of a fixed camera shot that usually appears in close-up shots and dance shots
  • Pretty cute cover featuring Mano in a casual setting and with a light blue outfit


  • Only includes alternate shots, which while being impressive don’t make as big of an impact as the normal version of the PV
  • The simplicity of the font makes it seem like they quickly put the cover together, and while it might match the casual and simple sound of the song it could have looked a lot better

Mano Erina
My Days For You (Single V)




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7 07 2011

i really like this song..
mano erina kawaaiiii <3

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